Exhibition Starts!!! 4/23/14

A few days ago we practiced for a parent exhibition meeting. It means that all the parents come in the great hall, and then we students  talk about what the exhibition is. My group, Tori, Tilly and MK, talked about the Central Idea (People express themselves through their passions) and the Lines of Inquiries(Forms of Expressions, Barriers to express yourself and Taking action on local and global issues.

So, yesterday(Tuesday) we got to know our groups! I am in a group with Thomas, Daniel and Alden. Our mentor is Ms. Scheck, a 3rd grade teacher. Today(Wednesday) we chose three questions we wanted to research on. On the day, we had our first meeting With Ms. Scheck We talked about our Central Idea and the three Key Concepts, we thought are interesting.

The Exhibition is going GREAT!

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on “Exhibition Starts!!! 4/23/14
One Comment on “Exhibition Starts!!! 4/23/14
  1. We are so glad to hear that exhibition is off to a great start! It is going to be great to see what your group finds as you inquire further into this topic.

    Ms. Drevis & Ms. Arriaga

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