Final Reflection


We just finished exhibition and I feel proud that we finished, but I kinda wish that I chose social media or music. It was fun presenting to the parents and sharing the exhibition and what we have learned in the six week project, it was exciting I just felt kinda bored of the topic because everything didn’t tell me enough info it just wasn’t really exciting for everyone. I feel our mentors has helped us with so much the design the facts, photos, and basically everything we needed help with. To be honest I have watched my brother’s exhibition 4 years ago and since then I was really scared to be going into fifth grade.

When we voted for the theme I was really not sure what to do because I didn’t know what to study about and how it was all going to be like. My head was going in circles but I relaxed for fifth grade but I was still really scared about it. I liked the central idea but I kinda didn’t know what to study about. I decided on going with fashion up till the start then I really wanted to social media, but it was late so I had to stick with fashion. It was ok at the start but really after 2 weeks I felt I was just looking at magazines and didn’t do much. I got a lot of information once I really went from the fashion trend to the barriers of fashion. So it ended up being pretty good!

The skills I have used through out the most would probably be the research skills because I was trying really hard to find enough information so the kids would learn sometihing when they come to our station. I feel the mentor meetings helped us with planning stuff and making the exhibition a lot easier so you can understand the topic better. Some downfalls that a couple of the mentor meetings were basically nothing till close to the end to the exhibition. I feel that it still helped a lot though. I learned that I can really push my self and I can research the same thing everyday for 6 weeks. If I could restart exhibition I would probably ask totally different questions or just change my topic. Overall I say that exhibition was a really good experience for me and my group.


Exhibition Last week day 1


Today we were finishing up our visual piece in art and in class. I feel that we can finish this well and won’t mess up on our poster for the presentation. We are planning what we are going to hand out to the kids, and also how the poster board is going to look like. We also wrote an invitation, Barrie wrote on to our mentors and I wrote one to Ms. Darzy. We are almost finished our slide show and we are super duper excited for the end of Exhibition. Today I showed that I was working well together by understanding with the group what we did. I hope to be more confident in my work or else it will not look good for my group.

Creative blog post



Exhibition Last Week day 2


Next week is the actual exhibition, and I am super nervous of how it is going to turn out like, but I am also really excited. I am exited because I get to show  my parents what I have been working and researching on for the past 5 weeks. Today we worked in our presentations and our essays.  My group decided on a prezi to make our presentations for the parents night. I think it is going really well and is really heading in the right track with the exhibition. It seems like so many people are really trying to focus on this project since we only have a couple of days left.  In Chinese for our exhibition we are doing it about Chinese cuisine. My group decided on Beijing cuisine because we like the foods that they have there. I feel I was creative today because our presentation is going to different to other groups.

Exhibition week 5 day 1


Exhibition ends in 6 school days!!!! I think my group is ready and I think we are going to have a really good presentation. Today in exhibition we worked on our informational writing piece, I am finished with my piece so I’m working on the cover page. The peer revisions were really helpful because they don’t really understand your topic, so they can change by making it more understandable by the readers. I think I was showing being cooperative because when I was peer revising with Barrie we were working together on how to make it better. I think I need to be more of an inquirer because if I need he’ll or have a question I should ask a teacher but sometimes I don’t.

Exhibition Week 4 ACTION


Today in exhibition we did more on our informational writing. In the writing piece I’m up to the revising and editing. We have done a ton of group work thinking of how we are going to alert people what is happening around the world. While we were working Barrie showed me this article of people dancing to the song happy and then getting arrested for doing that. I think that a lot of groups have taken action, because they have planned a field trip and that can help for the exhibition night to tell the parents more about our topic. I think today I have shown the reflection because I have been thinking of the articles I have read and reflecting back to how I can help with it. I want to work on being mor confident, because I need to be confident in my work so it turns out the best it can be.

Creative blog post week four




This wordle is showing all the words that was used today. As you can see it says creative and that’s saying that I need to work on being creative while I’m doing the presentation and such.  The knowledgable means that I’ve been doing through today and I want to keep that up for the end of the exhibition.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the final stage of the exhibition is going to be like.

Exhibition Week 4 day 1


Today we found out about our informational writing pieces. and started to plan them on a sheet. We each have to write the research we found with our questions we found and turn make a thesis statement and main idea out of that. My thesis is pretty basic because one of my questions was totally not related to my other two. The good thing is that we have done a informational writing essay or piece before so we know what we are all doing. At the end of the day the people who did a song was sharing which I thought was really cool. I think for the learner profile I showed being a reflector by thinking of my articles and how I can put them into a statement for my essay organizer. I think I need to be more of a risk-taker in that I need to be confident into what I am doing everyday with the exhibition. I think I can do that by telling my group the ideas and working them out so they actually can turn out ok. I’m looking forward to what exhibition will come from it, and we are almost finished. Yay!!!!!

Exhibition Week 3 Day 2


Today my group went on a field trip to the MET. We looked at the Charles James Fashion exhibit, it was really cool looking at all the clothing and dresses he designed. In the exhibition process I’m in an okay spot I feel that I have a lot of information and I can find find more articles to find research on. Today after-school we are supposed to be meeting one of the moms to talk about her style and the trends that she follows every day. An LP I have shown today would be being principled, because I was doing the right thing while I was in the museum. I have also been knowledgeable to find different things and clothing will fit in to my questions as well as my research. I am really proud of what I have done so far even though the pressure of exhibition is really starting to pound everyone down. I am also proud that I have actually found the articles already and is already starting to plan everything out and how this whole project is going to turn out. Also the creative writing piece is going well and I’m already writing the information into the website I am making. The challenges of the exhibition are starting to roll out because we only have a couple of days before the actual presentation and we need to make the poster. What ever else it turns into I can’t wait to see what comes next in the exhibition.

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