My spring break

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On the second day of my spring break I went to Colombia. That week was relaxing I stayed home playing with my neighbors,and with my family and I did some exhibition homework. That weekend we went to leaser shoot. The next Monday I went to my grandpa’s house and I played with my uncles. Tuesday I had a playdate with two of my friends we had a lot of fun. On Wednesday stayed with one of my mom’s friend we went to the cinema and to a simulator of a f1. Thursday I went to church in the morning and in the afternoon I went to We Love Nails It’s a place that does nails really pretty. Friday I went to the pool in  my country house. I stayed there Friday and  Saturday. Saturday I had the fly to NYC.


I will choose Katniss for my best friend from Hunger games. The best part is that she is not super hero or she doesn’t have any powers, she only have bow arrow that makes her awesome. What makes her a hero is she is always trying to help everyone no  matter who they are. She is kind and really brave. If I was with her I will like to be in the games (but have eternal lives) everything will be mystery. We will climb trees and run in the forest. I will ask her if she could teach me how to do bow arrow and I will be the best one at it. We will be truce so she dosent kill me or something. I will love to meet her designer that made the all her dresses because they are so cool and he can teach me when  we are outside of the game so I can in the game make some. I will love all the mystery and being in the jungle but I will hate killing people. She will be my best friend. We will have a lot of fun.



If I had to choose a celebrity  to be my dad will be karl lagerfeld. He is famous because he is one of world best fashion designer and he is the owner of Chanel. I choose him to be my dad because I want to be one of the world best fashion designer, his show are the best and I want to be the owner of Chanel

if I had to choose someone to be my mom will be Ellen degener because she’s kind and always helps people that need it not like other shows of just famous because they are famous she doesn’t care how they are, what they have she is the same with everyone. I want to be in her show.

Something that I will never forget

Something I will never forget was that last year I made my first runway it was call “Sunset in New York ” it had everything a sunset has the colors the way it goes and the night comes by and the shape there are in a sunset. The colors were orange,yellow, pink , blue and purple e in New York there is not just yellow and orange there are blue, purple and even pink . When my models where modeling it was really cool because I get to say ” You go now ” or “pose like this “. I also got to do changes at the last moment like there was this yellow dress that had bows but at the last second I didn’t wanted it so I tide the bow. Guess  what I didn’t just do the runway I won and awar call “Manos de colombianos ” and is a house in someone hands because the name in English means ” A Colombians hands” and then they presented a video of me. This is something that I will never forget !

an advice for a EAL student

An advice for a new EAL student

My advice is to speak English in your house try not to speak your language with friends and family members also write a lot read a lot also read aloud so you can hear your self an autocorrect. Try listening music seeing the TV in English but if you need you can put close captions and then when you anderstand more you can take them off. Also listen how people from USA pronounce everything and try to pronounce it. If you don’t understand something it’s better to ask and practice the word that you don’t understand


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