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It is only a few days from exhibition and i am so exited for it. I  cant wait for the big day so to say. But I am a little nervous for it and I think that  I have a good topic that will interest most people. I think that I have been a carding person by helping rosemary with her VisiCalc price. I think that I need to work on being a more  pricibaled  person  by focusing more in class

exhibition week 5 blog 2

Today in exhibition I worked with Jordan we started our powerpoint it was I interesting to find out about Jordan’s topic. So far we both have written which questions we are focusing. But jeremi is out of town so we skipped his slides. Next exhibition lesson I am hopefully going to present my informational writing. Today I have been a caring person. I thought I was a caring person when I did the work on the computer so that jordan didn’t have to.I think that I need to work on being more of risk taker by putting my hand up in class more

*My Info Writing*

Today I finished my info writing but I still have to write the bibliography and make the title page. I have been working on it for a few days. At first I  had lot of trouble but mrs drevis helped me start and finish the project. I first got it checked by mrs drevis then I peer edited with Bella. Bella’s topic is religion and barriers in different religions. Today I thought that  I used the LP  principled , I thought that I used this LP when I did a little extra research  on my third paragraph. I think that I should work on the LP responsibility. I want to because in class I thought that I had lost a page or two but I found them at the back of my binder. 

exhibition action post week 4 post 2

This week we have been working really hard. We have been trying to Finnish our informational writing and we got to present our creative writing. But we just started the visual piece for the visual piece I am planing on doing a true or false poster which I am hoping will turn out good but so far I have only made  the pockets that the questions go in but then agin there are 18 of them but I still think that my creative piece is the best. During exhibition   I have taken action by always setting up my mentor meetings.  I think I have used the learner profile responsibility because when I was having trouble focusing so I  moved away to anther table.  I need to work on being more principled because I feel like I am relaying on old information.


Week 4

So far this week I have started filling out my informational writing plan. I have written about my first question. I have been creative I was creative when I chose the facts which consequences I was going to chose I chose stoning, canoeing, blidng. I haven’t shared yet but I really want to share.

exhibition week 3

so far on my creative writing I  am on my first  paragraph and  have five  to go but i think that it is going to be my best story ever, the story connects to my first question what are the consciences for women that disobey the men? this week I have been reflective I was reflective I was writing my first paragraph because I was very considered about it making senses.I was principled when I told mrs drivis that I was having trouble with researching. a I felt proud when I reread my research I felt really proud because I feel like I have done well  a challenge that I have faced  was when I had to research  one of my questions.

exhibition week 2

At the moment I Am feeling like i am falling behind everyone. But I still feel like exhibition has just started but it turns out that it is only 17 more day till exhibition and that for me is a little scary and is a little nerve racking. I am feeling a little nerves and a little stressful but I think that my topic it still strong and I love it I think that it is an important topic for people that need it. Every week we have emergency meetings and we had two anyway in the meetings we are discussing about our questions and our topics i have know changed my questions three times but now i am back to 3 questions and only three questions.For the creative writing peace I am on the planing stage i am planing to do a  story and type it up. my questions have changed a lot since the start  of  exhibition my current questions  are very broad and they answer my questions. this week I think that have been thinker, I think i was a thinker when i researching about the consequences of the women.