Spring Break

After another 3 months study, I had a two weeks break. Since it was kind of long and I really missed home, I decided to go back to Shanghai. It was really exciting for me to see my family again and after a 15 hours flight, I  finally arrived in Shanghai. For the first few days, I chose to stay at home because of the jet lag and the fact that I wanted to spend my time with my family. My dogs were really happy to see me and so was I. I felt really sorry that I did not have a lot of chances to stay with them and was really glad that they still remembered me. After the first few days of staying at home, I spent some days with my friends. We went to watch movies and ate a lot of food.

There were two exciting things that I did during the break. The first thing was that I celebrated my mother’s birthday with her. It was a valuable opportunity for me to do that after I went abroad. I hoped that she could be happy and worry less about me, and I really thank her for the things that she did for me these years. Another thing I did was that I went to Hangzhou, a city near Shanghai. I liked to drink the tea in Hangzhou and during the break I had the chance to did that. I went to my favorite teahouse and spent an afternoon there. It was such a relax and I enjoyed it a lot.

I think spring break was a good chance for me to take a rest from school work and help me to release my pressure that I had from school. I hope that I can achieve an academical success after the break and I set two goals for the trimester. The first one is that I hope I could have grades above 90 for all the subjects. In addition, the personal goal I had was that I hope I could do more exercises and eat healthier.


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