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  1. I fully agree with the quote that learning is not only about test and test grade should not be a major factor to measure a student’s ability. Almost every student feels nervous about tests and sometimes their actual ability will be affected by their nervous. However, this does not mean they do not familiar with the materials and they do not pay effort. Moreover,  tests are only a small part of learning. The process of gaining knowledge, developing new skills and understanding their abilities ( strengths and weakness) are much more important than the test itself. One’s life does not depend on their test grade in school and they are not going to filling in the right bubble when they start working.
  2.  Kataguiri found the Free Brazil Movement, a libertarian group that espouses free-market values and helped to organize many protests in Brazil, while Shiraishi is the youngest person, wholcompleted the most difficult rock-climbing challenges. Mohamed started a debate over anti-Muslim bias, Ledecky holds three swimming world records, Smith, the son of Will smith makes waves in music and Zendaya, a Disney star became an advocate for natural beauty. Additionally, Silento’s video, “Watch Me” logged more than 300 million views, Hallisey investigated new methods for Ebola crisis, and Jenner was the most watched teenager in the world. Mcgarry opens his own restaurant in NYC, Obama is now a full- fledged icon, Turton, a writer for tech site The Daily Dot, nabbed scoops about Uber firings and Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, launched a campaign for the global education. I think Kataguiri is the most influential teen out of all of them because he did something for his country. The movement that he found and the protests he organized helped the situation in Brazil. Also, he even quit school for that, which make me think that he is the most influential teen.
  3.  If I could create a movement in order to become an influential teen, I would found a movement for children in undeveloped places to receive an education. I think it is meaningful because I think this movement can help those children. Also, the reason that I hope them can receive an education is that I think knowledge can change one’s life. Having an education will not only be beneficial for them to get a better job in the future, but also useful in life that knowledge will educate them the way to protect themselves. Therefore, if I had an opportunity, I would do so for the sake of becoming an influential teen.
  4. a) The Super Bowl:  the annual championship game of the National Football League and the highest level of professional American football in the world                                                                                                         b) Talladega Superspeedway: formerly known as Alabama International Motor Speedway, is a motorsports complex located north of Talladega, Alabama                                                                                              c)  Rodeo: a competitive sport that arose out of the working practices of cattle herding
  5. Hamburger and hot dog are two foods are national symbols according to the article
  6.  This means the quality of the evidence firmly links it to cancer.
  7. Red meat is meat that is red when raw, such as beef or lamb.
  8. I do not eat a lot in a day. For weekdays, since I  get up late in the morning and do not have a lot of time to eat breakfast, I usually eat bread or cereal and fruit. For lunch, because I do not have a lunch period, I usually eat an apple and for dinner, I usually eat vegetables to make sure that I have enough vitamins. During weekends, I will get up late in the morning and I just eat one or two meals. I do not like to eat meat and I eat a lot of seafood instead of meat. I think it will be hard for me to become a vegetarian or vegan because I cannot live without seafood!
  9.  I lived in a place, where war continuously happened. It used to a  wealthy and peaceful place. However, everything changed after the war. I lost my father and brothers because  our country needed soldiers. I lived with my mother. However, since she had some mental problems after the death of my family member, I became the one to work. I hope everything would become better in the future that I could receive an education and become a doctor.
  10.  Zootopia is a story about an animal world. The city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live. Judy Hopps, the first rabbit to join the police force, quickly learns the toughness to enforce the law. In order to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. She works with Nick Wilde, a wily fox, and under their effort, the case has been solved. Zootopia is an interesting movie, with dramatic plots. It is a movie that suit both children and adults to watch. The positive message that the movie conveys makes the audiences feel hope for their future.
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