Trimester 2 Reflection

How did you do? What were your strengths and weaknesses? What improved? What do you want to improve for next trimester

For trimester 2, I think I did not do a really good job academically that my grades dropped a lot. I think there were several factors that caused that result. First, for English, it was because the three major speaking grades, which included Shakespeare Monologue and two Socratic seminars. This indicated that I needed to put more effort in my speaking. Moreover, I also have some difficulties in chemistry and history, that for chemistry I spent most of my time talking with others instead of listened to the teacher; and for history, I really could not understand the materials and I still needed to find a way to solve it. And for the other classes, I did a good job, except for the class participation.

Through the second trimester, I learned my strengths and weaknesses and understood them clearer. I think my strengths was that I could understand the materials pretty fast. Therefore, my writing is one the strongest among other aspects. However, I had a lot more weaknesses and the most major one was speaking, and this has been shown by my class participation grades, presentation grades, Socratic seminar and monologue grade. However, there was another thing that I was not very good at, which was the English in-class essay.  Since the time was limited, I always could not finish it on time, which affected my grade negatively. It also made me worried that I could not finish the essays in the final. Additionally, I think chemistry and history were my weakest subjects and I needed to find a way to improve my grades in these two classes.

Even though my grades dropped in trimester 2. there were some improvements.  The first improvement was that I felt much more comfortable in the class that I was much familiar with my classmates after two trimesters and was now comfortable to talk with them. Furthermore, another improvement was that I improved my self-management skill that for the first trimester I always did the work right before its deadline, which caused me felt sleepy every day during classes. Therefore, for this trimester, I started to do my homework earlier, so I did not to stayed up late.

There were a number of things that I wanted to improve for next trimester. The first thing was that I needed to improve my grades, especially my chemistry and history grades. In addition, I need to improve my speaking, which included presentation and class participation. I need to feel much more comfortable to speak and need to practice more. I also need to improve my speed for writing that I need to maintain the quality of the essay, while finished it on time. I think these improvements that I wanted to make was pretty challenging and I needed to pay a great effort in order to achieve them.

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