The Week

  1. During the 1930s, New york was under the Greet Depression and I lived in Manhattan during that time period. Unlike the life now, there were some financial issues with my family during that time, that there was no enough money to afford me to go to school. Every morning, I went to central park and spent the whole morning there watching people exercising and relaxing. After that, I would go home and have lunch, which normally would be bread and a cup of water. I usually spent my afternoon playing with dogs on the street and I would go to the school in the neighbourhood at 3 to wait those kids coming back from the school.  During the night, I would stay home or go to my friend’s house to play with them.
  2.  I think football should not be banned in America because it represents the spirit of this country and it is a very popular sport in the country. However, since football is a dangerous sport that people will easily get hurt during the game, there should be some  strict rules and age restriction to make sure that people would be safe by playing this sport. For example, people, who below 16 years old shall not participate in this sport because they are still too young that they may easily get hurt and they do not have the ability to be responsible for their actions. Also,  people, who are above 35 shall also not be in the game of football. Since they are getting older, it will be bad for them to get hurt. The reason that football is not popular in my home country is that football is too dangerous for people in China to paly.
  3. I spent most of my day sitting on the chair because during the day I am having classes in school, which I need to sit from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. After I go home, I have dinner and do my homework, which also require me to sitting on a chair. The changes that I can  make that I am noting sitting so much is that I can stand to do my homework and do more exercise when I am free. When I lived in China, I sit less because I have much more time there. I usually walk for an hour after I have dinner and half  an hour after lunch because there is a much longer lunch period in the school. Also, during the weekend, I will spend most of my time with my friends outside, so I will less time to sit.
  4. I don’t think that Trump should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because he used a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China. The fact that he used a violent way to fight against other countries is not a peaceful action. Therefore, he is not worth to nominate the Prize. I think people, who should be nominated the Nobel Peace Prize are those, who used a peaceful way to solve a worldwide issue about peace.
  5. If I were given one extra hour today, I would go to watch a movie. Since I have a lot of work this trimester, I did not go to watch a movie for a long time. Also, there are some Chinses movies that I really want to watch recently. Moreover, watch a movie can help me to be relaxed and to have a rest from the work. Therefore, I will choose to watch a movie for that hour.
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