January 22 Impromptu Writing

On the stage, there is a black woman, who is wearing a colorful sleeveless t-shirt and a blue and pink scarf on the head. She is facing the audience and having a speech. Her arms are opening and her hands are doing some gestures. The audiences under the stage are looking at her. However, since they are not the focus of the photo, their faces and expressions are not shown.

It is a special day in my life.  A college invited me to have a speech for them to telling their students about my story. It was my first time to stand in front of a huge amount of people. I was very nervous, but I was more excited. I picked my favorite clothes and scarf, they give me courage and make me feel confident. I never thought that I would tell others about my story one day, but when I stood on the stage I felt being supported. My arms have been burned during the war. However, I was proud of it because it was the proof of my experience.

My Holiday Break

It was almost the Chrismas time. After studied for four months, I had my first holiday break in this school year. It was a great chance for me to take a break from my heavy school work and to relax by doing some fun things. Since the break was two weeks long, I chose to go back to China and spent some time with my family and friends. I have planned a list of things that I was going to do during the break and was really excited about the trip to China, which I waited for so long.

I left the United States in December. 18th. After the 15 hours flight, I finally arrived in Shanghai. The first thing I did after I went back to home was to see my dogs. I missed them so much and could not wait to see them anymore. Before I arrived, I have imagined several reactions that they would have after they saw me. However, the reality was harsh. They played with each other happily and ignored my existence.

The thing that I liked most during the break was to meet my friends. On the first day of 2016, we went to “Happy Valley”, an amusement park in Shanghai. It was actually my first time been there because it was really far from the place I lived and there were always a lot of people in the “Happy Valley”. After my friends and I arrived in the “Happy Valley”, we went on the roller coaster directly. It was my favorite amusement ride, and I really enjoyed to ride on it. We spent the entire day in the “Happy Valley” and the only thing we did was riding on different roller coasters in the amusement park. It was really fun and I really wanted to go back again.

There were many things I did during the break and I have met a lot of people during this time. For me, two weeks were too short and there were still a lot of things that I did not have time to complete. I was really glad that I could spend this time with my family and friends that I have not seen so a long time. It was a really great holiday break. I hope that I could go back soon and spend more time with them.