December 11th impromptu writing

It is a black and white photo. In the center of the photo is the two “protagonists”of this picture. The setting is a busy street with several stores and there are many people passing from the couple. The man, who is wearing a navy uniform is kissing with a woman in a white dress. He seize the woman around her waist and the woman is bend backward a little bit.

It was the beginning of autumn, and the weather started to turning colder. People started to wearing long-sleeves shirts and it is the time when the navy came back. I have been waiting this moment for a long period of time, and I was soo excited to see him again. I dressed nicely in a white dress; it was the one he bought for me when he left. He said he liked me in white! After I arrived the street that we met for the last time before he left, I saw him and he was waiting for me. He was still in his navy uniform, and it looked so nice on him. When we walked closer and closer toward each other, he seized around my waist and kissed me.

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