Trimester 1 Reflection

1. Did you achieve them? Why or why not? What could you have done differently? How did you improve during trimester 1?

At the beginning of trimester 1, I have listed three goals that I was planned to achieve during the trimester. The three goals that I made was get into Dean’s List, complete community service hours and define to accurate theme of the books that I read during English class. The reason that I chose to set getting into Dean’s List was one of my goals was that it would to prove that I paid effort and did a good job during the trimester. For completing community service, I chose it because last year I struggled with it for a long time and I wanted it to finish earlier this time. So that I could have more time to spend on homework and personal project. Defining accurate themes was the English goal I set for myself, it would show my understanding of the book and help me to get a better focus on the essays.

By the end of the trimester, I have achieved most of them. Even though I did not know if I got into Dean’s List or not for this trimester, I paid effort on the classwork and completed the homework on time in a good quality. Moreover, I have complete all my community services, which was a really good news for me. So that, I did not need to worry about it for the rest of my school year. For defining themes for book in the English class, I thought I did a good job on it. I could define the theme of the book accurately and it have been proved by the grade of my essay.

There are many things that I could have done differently during the trimester. Even though I paid effort on the classes, I did not really participate in it. Usually I just sit there and listening to other’s thoughts , and never share my own. This is a major thing that I need to improve during the classes. In addition, I found that grammar was a huge problem that I had in the English Essays. Sometimes, I could not use the correct tenses in the essay and it was hard for me to find the word that I want to use, which is another thing I need to improve on.

The thing I have improved during trimester 1 was that I felt a little easier to communicate with my classmates. However, it was still a challenge for me to communicate with teachers sometimes. I also improved my attitude toward failure. Before, I afraid to fail and to have a bad grade on test and work. However, after several failures in the first trimester I learned that failure was not a bod thing and I should not be afraid of it.  Therefore, for during trimester 1 I accepted myself to make mistakes and I felt less pressure on the work.


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