China Ends One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children

“One Child Policy” is a policy that used to be practice in China. The policy introduced between 1978 and 1980, restricted families to have only one child. ” One Child Policy‘ was introduced because it would help the reduce the population in China, and help the development of Chinese economy. However, the policy also brought several problems, that there was a huge population gap between males and females. The policy also increased the aging population in the country.

Since there were many problem with “One Child Policy”, Chinese government introduced the my policy on October. 29th, 2015. The new policy allowed all married couples to have two children. This was considered a huge change in China because the “One Child Policy” has been practiced for many years. The new policy is considered helpful for the Chinese economy. It will also solve the problems that “One Child Policy” had before.

As a Chinese, I never think that the Chinese government will change the One-Chile Policy. The new policy is definitely a huge change in China and it may have a huge impact on China in the future. However, since it just started I do not have a strong feeling about it. I do not think that the new policy will affect me because  there were already two children in my family. Moreover, since having a second child was not prohibit strictly in China before under”One Child Policy”, I could still have two children if I wanted and pay the fee in the future.

The policy will have a strong influence on China that it will prevent aging population. Even though there will be a lot more people in China in the future, it will help to increase Chinese economy. The new policy will also help to balance out the ratio between males and females in China. Since the new policy considers to have more advantages than the old one, China may become much better under that. Therefore, I can not wait to want too se new changes.

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