My Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the United States, which is on the fourth Thursday of November. It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year ( On that day, people will have a big dinner and eat turkey, which is a uniquely American bird. There are also several huge celebrations for the holiday, such as Macy’s thanksgiving day parade in Manhattan, New York. Black Friday is also an iconic event during the holiday, that stores will have big sales .

This was my third Thanksgiving in the United States. Since I had a five-days break, I went to Chicago with my sister. It was my first time been to the city and it was raining everyday since we have been there. Chicago was a large city in the states, and like New York, it was a convenient and developed place.  However, since my sister and I were too lazy ,we spent most of our time in the hotel to watching TV series on lap top.  Cloud Gate was the only place we have visited and we also have watched two movies there.

During this tour, there was one event that was impressive to me. It was the huge protest on the Black Friday.  Many people stood on the street, in front of numbers of huge stores, such as Nike, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc, and stopped people from going into the stores. This protest was because of the shooting and many of them held up banners, saying ” I am a man” or ” I am a woman”. Their sound was too loud, so that I could still hear them after I want back to the hotel, which was near the main shopping street.  It was impressive to me because I have near saw protest before, and I thought they were brave to do that in such an important day.

Thanksgiving break was a really good time for me to take a break from the heavy school work. However, having five days off was too short for me and  I was not satisfied because of that. I still had many homework assignments during the break and would have a lot more to do after the break. The first trimester went so fast and the second trimester is going to start. It was only few weeks till Christmas. Hope it will coming soon!


Plagiarism is taking other’s ideas or work as one’s own. It can happen easily, if one  does not pay attention on it. There are several ways of plagiarism, such as copying  words or ideas from others without giving credits, putting a quotes without a quotation mark, cite incorrectly, etc.  Plagiarism is a serious problem, which can led to different extend of consequences  depends on one’s seriousness of plagiarism. Also, different country has its own rules and attitudes toward plagiarism.

In the United States, plagiarism considers is a very significant issue, and one will get punished in different level depends on ones’s situation. In school, if one plagiarizes other’s work, he or she will go to the honor council and his or her parents will get an email from school. However, if the person repeats plagiarizing for several times, he or she may get suspension. In addition, in order to prevents students from copying other’s work, schools use apps, like to check student’s work. In real life, plagiarism is also something  needs to pay attention on, that one need to receive other’s permission in order to use their videos, musics or images.

In China, the attitude and the seriousness toward plagiarism is very different, that it is much looser than rules in the United States. In school, if one plagiarizes, the person will need to rewrite the essay or gets a zero on it, and his or her parents will be informed about it. However, the person will not need to go to the honor council, nor need to get suspension or expelled. In real life, the management of plagiarism is really loose, that one can use other’s videos, musics and images without permission.  Since China is still developing, the awareness of plagiarism still need to improve.

Plagiarism is a practice that shows disrespect to the author, who pays effort on his or her works and ideas. Therefore, people must cite their works properly and give the author full credits. Compare to China, the United States does a really good job on plagiarism. On the other side,  China, as a county that becomes more and more powerful and developed, still need to work on the problem of plagiarism. China could also study the methods that  the United States uses and develop its own rules of plagiarism.

China Ends One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children

“One Child Policy” is a policy that used to be practice in China. The policy introduced between 1978 and 1980, restricted families to have only one child. ” One Child Policy‘ was introduced because it would help the reduce the population in China, and help the development of Chinese economy. However, the policy also brought several problems, that there was a huge population gap between males and females. The policy also increased the aging population in the country.

Since there were many problem with “One Child Policy”, Chinese government introduced the my policy on October. 29th, 2015. The new policy allowed all married couples to have two children. This was considered a huge change in China because the “One Child Policy” has been practiced for many years. The new policy is considered helpful for the Chinese economy. It will also solve the problems that “One Child Policy” had before.

As a Chinese, I never think that the Chinese government will change the One-Chile Policy. The new policy is definitely a huge change in China and it may have a huge impact on China in the future. However, since it just started I do not have a strong feeling about it. I do not think that the new policy will affect me because  there were already two children in my family. Moreover, since having a second child was not prohibit strictly in China before under”One Child Policy”, I could still have two children if I wanted and pay the fee in the future.

The policy will have a strong influence on China that it will prevent aging population. Even though there will be a lot more people in China in the future, it will help to increase Chinese economy. The new policy will also help to balance out the ratio between males and females in China. Since the new policy considers to have more advantages than the old one, China may become much better under that. Therefore, I can not wait to want too se new changes.