The Week Packet

1. Oregon Massacre: Would new gun laws stop mass shooting?

I thinks new gun laws will help to reduce the mass shooting in the state. It is too liberal in the country, that one express themselves by  causing other people’s death. Since one can easily purchase a gun,  gun shooting can easily happen. The new gun laws will tighten the gun possession, which means that there is going to have a higher level requirement for people in order to own a gun. This will lessen the mass shooting because one cannot buy a gun easily. I agree with the third and fourth paragraphs, that the problem need to be fix both mentally and physically. It is important to solve the metal illness, so that the killers will not think it is right to express or comfort themselves by punishing others. Additionally, the gun control is also necessary, so that it will not provide a easy chance for killers to create mass shootings. There is no paragraph that I disagree with; and in my country, no one can own a gun.

2. The U.S. at a glance… Sacramento, Assisted Suicide.

I agree with legalizing doctor-assisted suicide. Since they knows that they will eventually die and there is no chance for them to heal, they should have the chance to choose whether they want to continue living or committing assisted suicide. If one is struggling with the painfulness of the illness, and he / she wants to die rather than live, it is really helpful to have assisted suicide. Moreover, It will not only shorten her painfulness, but also saving money for the family. Sometimes, the treatments are very expensive and not every family have the financial abilities to afford that, so rather than waste money to treat a person, who has no chance to live, it is better for them to choose assisted suicide.

3. China’s Green Revolution

There is a serious problem with pollution in China due to the development in recent years. As China’s economy grows rapidly, the environment in China became worse and it is affecting the whole Earth. It is responsible for China to fix that and there are some policies introduced in the country. Even though it is a challenge to fix the pollution problem, it will become better in the future.

4. Is recycling largely an illusion?

In China most of the garbage ends up in landfill and only some of them will use to recycle. Recycling is an aspect that China need to improve. Since it has the largest population, the production of garbage is incredibly high and it is causing number of environmental issues. Even though there are different types of garbage bin in China, people do not have the habit to sort their garbage. Also, due to the large population, it is hard to control everyone to follow the rule. Therefore, it is hard for China to regulate it.

5. The folly of banning rough play

I do not think that all aggressive play should be banned in schools. Students will lose many fun without all of these plays. None of these play will be aggressive, if the teacher can set a clear and strict rule for students to follow. By teaching them things they can and cannot do, students will not become aggressive by playing these games. Moreover, everyone need to express themselves, and to release their pressure, and it is a great way to do that by playing these games. If they do not have a right way to do so, they may find a more extreme or violent way, like fighting with each other. Even though, it is good to teach the students and led them to a good way, if the control is too tight the effect can be negative sometimes.

6. Smartphones: Changing us for the worse?

Even our life become more convenient by having smartphone, it is changing us for the worse in some extend. Smartphone separates our attention from works and other things. Instead of working, we spend more time on playing smartphones. The problem become more and more serious that people cannot  live without a smartphone that we are sort of controlled by our phone. It have changed the way people interact with each other. As a variety of apps coming out, people prefer much more to communicate with each other by chatting. People lost the ability to have a conversation with each other. When a group of people hanging out,  everyone is on their phone and no one wants to talk. I think I am addicted to my smartphone is some way. I think it is a good thing to make me feel comfortable that when I am with a group of unfamiliar people, smartphone will help me to escape communicate with them.

7. Cartoon

A group of Islamic terrorists is planning to attack the United State. However, when they read the newspaper, they find out that there are number of mass shooting in the United Sate, which shows that the country is very good at terrorizing themselves. It is very ironic, that not waiting the terrorists come, the country has many mass shooting, which cause by themselves.

8. Travel

If  I was given a free trip to one of the 7 destination listed, I would choose “A Utah adventure”. I have never been to Utah before, and I am very curious about it. Moreover, I really want to try fishing, hiking and mountain biking. I have not done any of these before, and I believe it will be really fun. I think this adventure is a really good way for me to get a rest from the schoolwork and help me to release my pressure.

9.Best properties on the market

If money were no option, I would like buy the house in Columbus, Ohio. Compare to other houses, this one is much modern and new, which is built in 2010. I like the size of the house, which is not too big and not too small. Also, the fitment in this house is very cool, that there is a huge wall of shelves for me to put things. There are also many lights in this house, so it will be bright at anytime.

10.  The Week Contest

Ur germ


 Chinese Name: What does your name mean? Why did your parents pick it? Do you like your name? How does it represent you? (You may have to interview your parents for this one!) English name: Why did you pick it? What does it mean?

My Chinese name is 王纯(Wang Chun).  “Wang” is the last name, so  there is no meaning for that, and “Chun (纯)” in Chinese means pure and innocent.  The reason that my parents pick this name is because they want me to carry my childhood and be like a child who is simple and carefree.  I think it sort of represent me that till now I do not have many worries and I believe in people easily. However, I do not think that I can maintain my innocence forever, that it will eventually be ruined at some point. My English name is Christy, The reason I pick this name is that I have two best friend, one is called “Krystal” and the other one is ” Christina”, so I combine these two name together as “Christy”. I do not know what the meaning of it and do not know if is has one.

CNN News

1. The Supreme Court will hear a case involving how states draw district lines based on population. It is important because of an issue of affirmative action, which considered as an effort to improve education and employment opportunities for women and minority groups. People who support the action think it helps to protect these groups from being treat unequally. However, the opponents state that the action gives these groups an unfair advantage. The start of this case is from a girl named Abigail. Abigail is yarning to go to the University of Texas, but she didn’t get in and attending an University in Louisiana State instead. Therefore, she files a lawsuit against the school claiming she didn’t receive the offer because of her race, that she is white. In fact, for the admissions process at University of Texas, the Top 10% of each high class statewide gets in automatically. For students below the top 10%, like Abigail, many factors will be considered, and race is one of them. Some minority students on the University of Texas campus don’t agree with Abigail’s lawsuit. Bradley Poole, the president of Black Student Alliance, thinks that race is the easiest that Abigail can went against. Others takes offense of the lawsuit because they think they make some efforts as other people do.

2. United States and other countries have reached a massive trade deal, which called Trans- Pacific Partnership (TTP). Negotiation has been processing for years for this trade deal. Even though President Obama supports the TTP, there are supporters and opponents among both US Democrats and Republicans.It is important because the deal has to be approved by the Congress and the Legislatures of the 11 other countries before it actually takes effect. The TTP is a trade deal that encompasses 40% of the world’s economy. There are 12 countries participate in the deal, and the goals are all about setting the rules on labor, environment, and economics around the Asia pacific region to sort of prevents China from setting lower standards. The Pro side of the TTP is that it provides more chances for the United States to trade with countries like Japan. However, many farmers who own small farms  in Japan don’t want to be put at the risk of losing their jobs and incomes.

3.  China, as being the rival of  the United States; both country are in economic and political competition. China is a communist state, that government controls the media and the economy. However, Chinese business increases rapidly after government loosened the control. China is the world’s second largest economy and the biggest importer, but 40 years ago (1970), it is a country with at least 30% of people living in poverty. The situation started to change in 1978, when China launched major economic reforms. Agricultural was the first, that farmers were allowed to sell their crops on the open market. After the success of agricultural, open trade led to privatization  other states to own enterprises. In 1980, China became one of the member of the world bank and International Monetary Fund. China also created four special economical zones in the same year. As the trade open up to other countries, China started to build factories and take advantage of cheap labor. As the result, more than 500 million people lived out of the poverty.