Impromptu Speeches Reflection

About what I did well…

The thing I did well was that during the speech I have used my personal example to explained my point. Also I have used several transition words, such as moreover, also,etc when I had two or more points. Another thing that I did well was that even though I’ve paused for several times, I continued to finish my speech until the time was up.  Furthermore, I did well on the pace that I spoke, which was not too fast and not too slow.

About What I need to practice for…

I need to practice for the voice that I spoke, that I need to speak more loudly. Moreover, I need to practice my pronunciation and expression, that I have different tones under different conditions.  Eye contact is another thing that I ned to practice, that I need to look at the camera / audiences when I  was talking.  Also I have many pauses during my speeches, so I need to think faster during the 15 seconds of preparation.

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