What did you do over the long weekend?

I spent the long weekend at home and I  did almost nothing during this weekend, except homework.  However there was one thing I did which was quite meaningful, that I have met Ziyi on Friday after school. It was my first time talk with her after she became a freshman in NYU. She has not changed a lot, besides her hair was much longer than before. We had dinner in a Japanese restaurant around her school, which named Cha’An. We have talked a lot about  our new school year, and I learned that she has made numbers of new friends in the university. After dinner we went to her dorm. Unfortunately, since I did’t bring my ID,  I could not get into her dorm, which was a big shame for me. However, I was so glad to met  her again, and I was delighted that our friendship didn’t change as time past.

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