Spring Break

I went back to China and stayed with my family during spring break. It was an opportunity for me to take a break ,and to catch up with my friends and family. Even though the flight was long, it couldn’t stop me from feeling excitement and happiness on the flight. They weren’t a lot of people on this flight, and there was an empty seat right next to me. Since it was a Chinese airline, it was unusual to saw some foreigners on the flight, and most of them were students. I arrived at Shanghai airpot at 7 o’clock in the evening, it was a raining day, and the traffic had returned to normal. Due to the Jet-lag I couldn’t fall asleep for the first couple days, and it was pretty painful for me. The weather in Shanghai was great, and the temperature was not too high or too low. It made me fell like spring was actually coming, and we got some rains during these days. I really enjoyed my spring break, I’ve ate an abundance of Chinese food, and spent a lot of time with my family. My favorite moment was that I went to a concert with my friends on Sunday night. It was a concert of one of my favorite Kpop star. There were thousands of his fans coming to the concert, and it went very well. People sang after him, some also swayed to the music. He set up an excellent atmosphere, and everybody enjoyed the concert. It was a really good time for me to stay in China, and I was excited to went back later during summer.





Harlem Renaissance reflection with grammar

We had a “field trip” on Friday afternoon, and it was about the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Renaissance was a movement in New York, which spread the culture, literature, and the music of African Americans.  There was a special guest from the Apollo Theater visited us, and brought us so much fan. He started the workshop with some music, and a few introductions about those musicians. He radiated an infectious enthusiasm and ran a wonderful workshop. My favorite part of the workshop was that we had a chance to make up our own “song”. We randomly divided in to a few different groups, and after that we choose the topic of the song from some options that we came up before. Since I didn’t know any of the members in my team, I was a little nervous to work with them at first. However, everything was great, and it proved that I worried too much. Before started composing our own “song”, we created our character first. We came up with many different ideas, but we could think much about the feeling of our character. After many discussions and a little help from the teacher, we finally completed our design of the character, and started to compose our “song”. Since it was our first time to do that, it was a great challenge for us to create the rhyme and the lyric by ourselves. We had a few ideas, and after many changes, we finished our “song”, and performed to the rest of the groups. Even though it was a difficult task, it was a special and great experience for me. Through this workshop I’ve learned many things, like the pride that those African Americans had during 1960’s, and the way they used art to express themselves. I’ve learned that in history there was a community at Upper West Side was strive to change their identity, and to spread their culture. I’ve learned that many things could happen at same time period, like the war in Vietnam, the Harlem Renaissance, and the fight for Civil Rights.



He didn’t make many mistakes.

He has had so many jobs.

He hasn’t won many races.

There are too many students in our class.

I made many friends there.


We haven’t much coffee.

You have a lot of free time but I haven’t much.

She didn’t eat much fruit.

We have too much work to do.

I drank too much water last night.

A, An, Some

Weekend is a great opportunity  for people to relax and to catch up. I had a great weekend, but I didn’t spend it efficiently. I woke up at 10 o’clock on Saturday, and ate a pear, an apple, an egg, and some cereal for breakfast. After that I did some homework. We had an English project this week, and I needed to create a drawing that included three imagery in Romeo and Juliet. Even though I had some ideas, I was struggled with finding ways to express it.  I watched an old movie after. It was my third time to watch it, and I really like it. It talked about some stories between four girls,who lived in island, and it reflected the society at that time. The movie gave me some different impressions and ideas when I watched each time. It was time for dinner as the movies end, so I ordered some food. I’ve ate a banana, an orange, some pasta, and a cup of soup, and I spent an hour on it. I watched some videos, and went back to do the homework. I didn’t finish all my homework until Sunday, and it was snow on that day.