Non-Count nouns

After few days of rain, the sky turns serene. Sunshine penetrates through the fog, and the light break though the darkness. The air is filled with a sweet smell. After finish eating cereal for breakfast, Vince start writing down the information of the place on the paper, and her family start packing up for their family trip. They are going to Korea this time, however  they can’t speak any Korean, and there’s no time for them to learn. Everybody is busy to packing up, except Shirley, Vince’s younger sister,is still finishing her math homework, and no one can offer her help at this moment. The family is so excited, and they’ve prepared a lot of thing for this trip: new clothing,  a large amount of money for them to shopping, and even shampoo. They turn off the light, shut off and electricity, close the window to keep the house from dust, and start going to the airpot. Even though the weight of their luggages are heavy, they still remain a good mood. Korean is their dream place, and they finally achieve their dream. They eat so many food on the plane: roast chicken with corn, fish and rice,and bread with butter. There are also many drinking for them to choose: milk, water, tea, juice, and coffee. Even though the flight is long, they have a lot of fun.


atone: He promised to atone for his crime.
bondage: They aim to deliver the people who are in bondage to superstitious belief.
credible: The article about the friendliness of ISIS is hardly credible.
doleful: The smile disappeared to be replaced by a doleful frown.
diligent: The two sides are now working diligently to resolve their differences.
ghastly: The consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.
incessant: We have had incessant snowfall since yesterday afternoon.
intricate: The carving with intricate patterns and motifs is incredibly amazing.
lucid: His explanation was lucid and to the point.
hamper: I was hampered by a lack of information.
prim: She’s too prim to enjoy those jokes.
taunt: He became a taunt to his neighbors because of his ridiculous actions.