Holidays in NYC

In order to explore the Christmassy in New York City, I went to the Fifth Avenue this Wednesday. The reason I chose this place was not only because it was a representative site of New York, where converged people from the world, but also because the book we read in English class –“ The Catcher in the Rye”. I wanted to understand Holden’s depressed while he was on the Fifth Avenue. Just like his description, people walked ceaselessly toward their destinations and no one actually cared about what was happening. Walked in the crowd made me realized that I was infinitely small within the scheme of things. But on the other side I was also impressed by the place. There was a giant Snowflake Star hung right in the middle of the sky, between the intersection of 57th Street and 5th Avenue. It was white and pure, just like an angel filled with hope and peace and the innocence of children. It contained  all the blessings of the beautiful Christmas and New Year season. It added some quiet for these busy place and provided people a reason to stop for a rest. It was the same season that Holden traveled in New York, and I started wondering if he has the chance to see the Snowflake Star or not. Maybe the depressed from Holden was because the absence of the star. I believed that he would like it and would have his extraordinary comprehension of it. This “journey” of exploring the Christmas sprit in New York was meaningful. It let me felt the beauty and glamour of this city.