Baseball game

Recalled the game from yesterday, it was really exciting. We went to the Yankee Stadium and watched the game between Yankee and Blue Jays. As the game began, teacher ushered us to our seat. I  sit with Maya and it was a great opportunity for us to know each other better. The Stadium was chaotic as we were in a bazaar, people walked around and some of them were yelling. Because it was Yankee’s last game in the season and it also was Derek Jeter’s retiring game, the atmosphere was tension, especially when the Yankee were hitting. Since I played softball before, I knew the rule pretty well and I really enjoyed the game. It was a great game, even though Derek Jeter didn’t play very well. There were several home runs and steals, which were really exciting. It was also good for me to know that Japanese played baseball so well.  I think the game was the best part of the day, and it was such a shame that we left early.


Letter from Julia to her mom



Dear Mami,


Time past so quickly, we have already been New York for five years. Recalled when we came here for the first year, it was such a disaster. There were innumerable difficulties for me to fit in at school, I have tried so hard but the problems were continuing occur. I looked like an alliance, who was completely different from other people. Special accent from Dominican, dark skin color and hair color were all betraying my ethnicity. I always felt myself inferior, why could not I have the same identity as they do?

In the school, everybody called me Julia. It was so annoying but I wondered if I shouldn’t correct my teachers and new friends. I tried to be calm as they mispronounced my name, but it was my name! How could they just pronounce it, as the way they thought was right? I could not bear this anymore, but my attitude changed after you talked to me. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” As you said, I would never change because of my name changing. I tired my best to get use to it and started caring less. My classmates had gotten into the habit of giving people nicknames, and I was so glad that I could accept those wired names.

In order to be more similar with my friends, I also changed my style of clothing. Sixties ushered in peasant blouses, hoop earring, serapes, I wanted to merge with my friends in my class. As I bragged that I was from New York, they queried me directly. I tried to answer it vaguely, but they continued asking me about the specific location. Even though I understood they were just curious, I felt so embarrassed and burned with shame. I didn’t mean to lie, but just didn’t want to be single out as a “foreigner”, a rare, exotic friend. I pronounced my full name slowly to them it was as chaotic with sounds as a Middle Eastern bazaar.

For my graduation, our extended family came. Because of our large group, some of my little cousins just snuck in without tickets. It made me felt different again, because my other friends were only with their parents. Introducing you guys to my friends was another challenge, because we had such complicated names and there were too many of family. But there were also some benefits to have an extended family, because I’ve got lots of presents, especially the portable typewriter.

Everything seemed so funny as I looked through back and we were getting better and better. So glad that I was you daughter!


Thank you,



namesake: She’s my namesake but we’re not related.

super: That’s a super idea.

forbade: The government imprisoned dissidents, forbade travel, and restricted the press.

ironically: She began to mimic him ironically.

brag: Don’t brag about what you’re going to do . Get something done.

reveal: She has refused to reveal the whereabouts of her daughter.

pitied: The lonely old man was much to be pitied by all of us.

affectionate: She gave me a very long and affectionate hug.

ethnicity: Many factors are important, for example class, gender, age and ethnicity.

vague: A lot of the talk was apparently vague and general.

merge: His features merged with the darkness.

usher: I ushered him into the office.

peasant: The old peasant is twisting pieces of straw into a rope.

chaotic: My house feels as filthy and chaotic as a bus terminal.

My favorite momery


As a Chinese, I was so proud that  Olympic game would take place in Beijing, China in 2008. I also felt lucky that I had a chance to watched the games.  When I first saw the National Stadium and National Aquatics Center, I was excited. I couldn’t find a word to describe their magnificence and my affection about them. I’ve watched several games and the one the I was impressed was the 110 metres hurdle.  It was a turning point for Liuxiang and this game was meaning for every Chinese. As we knew, Liuchang was one of the best athletes of 110 metres hurdle, for me, he was the legend.  As a fan of Liuxiang, I was so expectant about this game and expected that he would get the Gold medal. Unfortunately, my wish didn’t come true, because of Liuxiang’s wound he withdrew the game. Looked at injured Liuxiang, I felt sorry about him,  he has paid a lot for this game but he didn’t get anything. He needed to wait for another four years and it was lengthy. As Liuxiang left, I lost my interest about the game, but I still watched it, it was pretty awesome.


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