Bethany Martin, Director of Library Services

[Although students had the day off today while faculty had a full day of professional development and report writing, that didn’t stop a small group of helpful students from stopping by Dwight’s library and helping with an important project.]

Today I learned the truth of the adage “many hands make light work.” In order to make it easier for middle and upper school students to find books in the fiction collection that interest them, I decided to reorganize the books. Instead of all of the fiction being shelved together, alphabetically, I wanted to group books by genre. This way a student who knows they want to read a mystery can go right to the mystery section, instead of having to look through every book in the fiction section to find what they are looking for. Changing the location of every book on the shelf was a daunting thought, but eleven high school students volunteered to come in on their day off to help. A task that I thought would take at least half the day was done in just under an hour, thanks to their hard work. This was a great reminder to me to ask for help when facing a task that seems overwhelming. Many hands do make light work!

Thanks to my volunteers: Bucky, Dagmar, Alice, Suzan, Cassandra, Rebekka, Jordan, Pauline, Paula, Evelyne, and Thomas



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