Workshop – Harlem Renaissance

This Friday, the entire EAL student had to go to the Great Hall for a workshop about the Harlem Renaissance. At first I thought it would be a little bit boring, that we would have to listen to a presentation about the events that were going on at this time, so around the 1960’s. When I came in and saw that there was no chairs, papers on the wall, music, papers on the floor and a very funny and energetic animator, I knew it wouldn’t be boring. Some people came late but only 2-3 minutes late. The first thing we did was to circle up and the animator asked us to move with the sound of the music and quizzed us about the singer. Afterwards a few students had to do some moves and the rest of the circle had to follow the lead, it was really funny. Then, the animator separated us into four groups and he gave us a paper with lyrics of the song ‘ Say it loud (I’m black and proud)’ of James Brown. All groups had to read a part of the song and the other groups had to follow with their part, it sounds really nice. After we all said our parts, we all sat on the floor and listen to the next task. The task was to think about this song and say what we thought the author of the song was thinking while he wrote it, how he felt and how his environment affected it. Many answers were written on paper and it really helped us to better understand the song because there are many things hidden through the lyrics. On another paper, we had to write what was going in our society nowadays, such as ISIS, Gay rights, women rights, poverty and many more. The animator regrouped us but this time he grouped us into five, each group had to choose a subject to write about. My group picked the Gay rights, which is a really important subject. We only new a little on the subject but we tried to guess what the gay people think, feel and how their environment affects them. Afterwards, we had to create a hook sentence, as if we were about to write a song, but we didn’t have any ideas on how to write our hook. We didn’t have much creativity and not much idea, so we took the format of James Brown’s song; we then had to sing our hook to the other groups. The workshop was over after that last task, and I keep a good feeling about it. I really liked it; it was really funny and interesting.

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