Today for exhibition I worked on my visual piece and I am almost finished. I just need to paint over it and I am done. I think I have anufe time to finish it though.we have Planed are last mentor meeting and I really hope it goes well. The day of exhibition I am going to try to show principled so people now I worked hard and took it serice.

Exhibition week 5 day 2

I am really exsited because in exhibition I am coming to the end. II talked with my group today about what our plan is for exhibition. I Think our group is in a really good potion because we know what we are doing for exhibition and just need to practice. We also are going to plan a mentor meeting and it could be our last. If not one more. When I presintate I am going to try to show creativity. So when I prize not it is really interactive and people can tell I was very creative on what we would show. Over all I am very exsited and eager to present and finish exhibition well.

Exhibition week 4 day 1

In exhibition I just almost finished my finformational wrighting peace. In my I other blog I said I was going to try to catch up and I think I did. I also found 5 quetions for my interview field trip,but unforchently I missed it. For now on I am going to try to be more risktaking  with my reasch.

Week 4 day 1

In exhibition  we are starting  our informational writing peaces and I just finished my plan out sheet. I think I need to be working a little bit more because I don’t fell like I am in a good place  for my informational wrighting because I only just finished my guid sheet, but I will try to focus as much as i can next class so I can try to get father along. I also got to meet up with my mentor and showed him are plan sheets so he knows where we are are up to. We dicided to go to the park around lunch time to go interveaw some people and I think that would help me with my informational writing peace. During that class I think I showed cooperation because i worked with my group and cooperated my ideas with them as clear as I could. Over all I think exhibition is quet fun, I have to work as hard as I can.

exhbition week 4 day 1

Today in exhibition we just finished are creative righting peaces and moving onto are informative easys. I think the informational righting is going to be hard for me because that is one of my weak spots. another thing I think is going to hard for me is making my handwightind clear. one way i think can help me with that is try to go slow and don’t russ though it. I also sent a email to mr.panahi about schedule a field trip for our group, so we can get different peoples opinion and maybe that can help me on my informational  righting  in some way. I think during these next classes I should try to be a risk taker and think out of my box. some ways I think I can do that is by using all my facts from my articuls. also I can try to think deeply into my righting and not be worried about what I right,so I can put 100% into my work. lastly I think the exhibition proses is quiet challeging,but I am up to the challenge and going to try my best.

exhibition blog

In exhibition I am a little into my creative writing peace so fare I am doing really good in it because i was working on it a lot in quest. My story is about a family back in the 16 hundreds that does not believe in the church of England and moves america so she can study there own religion. The one one thing I found hard trying to finish my drawing fast and still try to make it good. one thing I think I can do to improve with that is to add less detail. During these few periods I worked on my creative writing piece I think i showed commitment because I was commitment to my work and put 100% in and did not stop working.


So fare in exhibition I think I am in a really good position with my questions and creative wrighting peace. I have found all my articals for each question and starting to fill out a sheet that helps us keep track of our sources. I think a started off with that pritty good. One thing I bin finding quiet hard iskeeping trackbof all my work. So I try to but each thing in a google drive or my binder so I don’t loose eny artical or information I have. I also was finding the blogs hard,but after we talked about them a cuple of days ago I am getting the hang of it and really progressing. During my exhibition classes I think I showed resposiplety a lot because I am working really hard and trying to really focus on my work. Over all I think I am doing well in exhibition.


Today for exhibition I did two thing. One of the things I did was met up with our mentor mr. Penahe. When we met up with him we talked to him about our reasch and artical we looked up.we also talked about our articals. Our articals is articals to answer our three questions. My three questions are how technolgy affects religion. How has religion changed over the past years.also why do people risk there lives for religion. So we found four articles for each question. During that class I thought I was a communicator because I cumunacated and gave a lot of ideas.


Today for exhibition I came up with 3 question for my groups central idea.
My three questions are how has religion changed, how has technology effected religion over time. I think my second question had made a big impact on some people because
a lot of people have a different opinion about this question because some say it
better with the technology,but some say it is very bad because it interferes with
the religion. I also think it has a big impact on people because technology effects a lot of people. In class we also found research pages and printed then out so it can help us answer our questions, but before we printed theme we read it through so we know it can help us
a answer our question and also if it is apropreite to our questions. I think I showed responsibility during this class because I hade to really focus and find a good article
for my questions. In exhibition so fare I have bin finding that you really have to work 100% full effort and to make shure you don’t let your group down. But beside she that I think on am doing pretty good.