Final Reflection



I think that I have done particularly well in this area of exhibition and have really, at least in my view excelled a bit. One reason for this is that during the exhibition presentation or the Creative Writing piece I try to put in a bit of humour to keep people listening but also make it engaging and try to emphasize and articulate important facts or parts for effect and try to shock people with the sheer scale of these facts. During the exhibition presentation yesterday I have also exhibited a sizeable amount of social skills as I was very polite to “customers” who came to my presentation, and I think my group worked well enough together as a team, and we also got along relatively well, excepting the occasional minor squabble, we did a very good job. I think I was also an avid thinker as I have reflected much upon how I did at exhibition and have also always tried my best to have a good presentation, I have also many times thought deeply about exhibition and try to solve many different problems and difficulties in exhibition and the other units. I am confident that I have also done quite well in my research in exhibition as I have tried to solve problems and have new phrases to research that will ultimately give information relative to my question and look at the question to research from different perspectives. In self-management I think I did well enough, though my folder was a bit of a mess for the first 2-3 weeks of exhibition, however, by the time my creative writing piece came along, I had tidied it up quite a bit upon request and thereon it has been relatively organized, I am nearly never late for things and think that my time management is definitely ok, at least. While my self-management in terms of being calm is absolutely fine.


Topic Choice


I chose to do corruption and electoral fraud as I originally wanted to look into ideology, but eventually me and Mr.beddows and even eventually Mr. Presti all agreed that this did not quite relate to the central idea enough, and therefore we decided that I was to look into corruption and electoral fraud as electoral fraud was a clear form of stifling expression and related strongly to my central idea and yet did not stray away from my interest in corruption. I was very interested in this topic and discovered and calculated many shocking facts that were extremely absorbing.

General Comments

Every single comment that I received was positive which is in my view is an amazing achievement, many of them were that I spoke very fluidly and fluently, as well as were extremely enthusiastic and avid in my work and speech. Some people were really quite surprised that we did and many were extremely shocked with some of my preposterous but true facts. I must say, I am very proud of myself in this area of exhibition. Even my parents were impressed. I must also say that I am glad that I have informed the general public about all of the fraud and corruption around them, the rest of my group have also done quite well. I am confident that I have done very well with my keynote and spoke clearly and fluently, someone even said I should run for the next presidential election! I am absolutely certain that exhibition was a colossal success for me.

Exhibition 6/2/14

Today I am of the strong opinion that I did very well in exhibition. Despite missing one and a half weeks of school, I find that I am in fact not very far behind and have swiftly caught up and am in front of the majority of the class as I did my keynote slides fairly well and quite quickly. I also wrote a good and polite letter to Ms. Sweeney to invite her to the government group’s exhibition, that in my view was not too long or too short and was also quite kind and encouraging. Towards the end of the day, during art, I am extremely sure that I plainly and strongly demonstrated the Learner Profile Caring as for half the period I dramatically helped AK complete his visual piece by coloring in two thirds of the necessary bands of color while AK did the the other third. I am confident that I have also showed principled at the end of the day by cleaning of something like 90% of the art classroom very quickly and as efficiently as possible, and even stayed behind for a while voluntarily cleaning up the entire room and I therefore think that I have done quite a good job today.

Conclusion to Informational Essay

I personally am of the opinion that my conclusion could need some more revision, for various reasons. However, my conclusion, at least I think, tries to arouse you to fight against corruption. After all, the entire essay was on corruption, its effects, rise, and many other things, and the conclusion is to end the entire essay and remind you of all of these things that you had no idea existed, for example electoral fraud in america, or something extremely unknown such as that Ethiopia was a communist country until around 1990. The conclusion is also to remind you that all of this is pure truth and fact, that it is happening right now, it isn’t just the past, and that it’s everywhere. I think I have restated my thesis fairly well and am quite subject specific in the conclusion and the entire essay. I have also gone back to the essentials of my topic in saying “stop it stifling passion” stifling passion is the basis of my whole group’s exhibition subjects. And this actually links back to my extremely helpful and productive mentor meetings, which in one of them Mr. Presti, our group’s mentor, underlined Stifling Passion to guide us a bit more and help us to remain subject-specific and not stray too far from our topic. Overall, I think that I have done quite well on my informational essay conclusion, however, I think that, as with nearly everything, that it could be improved upon.

Visual Piece Reflection

I personally think that I have done a fairly good job with my visual presentation piece. I have quite a few relatively important and/or major reasons for this is that firstly I definitely finished it very quickly and efficiently at home with materials perfect for this particular usage: Cardboard, sticky tape, etc. I also made a detailed plan of my box in art from the inside, and outside which helped define my design. However, I have made many improvements to my plan and how I will present it which with the thoughts of my parents which helped my fraudulent ballot box’s design evolve even more. I am of the opinion that it was quite a good idea to make this ballot box as it is very interactive, and is quite surprising and even perhaps magic-like, as your vote turns into paper money rather amazingly. It is also not very complex to function or make, which makes it even more advantageous. And the previous subject now brings us to the learner profile. I think you can extremely easily conclude that I have strongly shown the learner profile by displaying creativity with extreme ease, as I was thinking very thoroughly trying to decide what to make, and then I came up with this rather authentic idea that suited my needs perfectly.


Today we started planning our exhibition informational writing essay piece. But how did we do this? I hear you say, well I have the answer below. We first got a sheet that technically organised the structure of the essay for us, however, it just told you what to place where: for example conclusion, thesis statements, main ideas, details, and the like. But what it did not tell you was what to write, well not too specifically or in detail at least. We then subsequently decided to proceed to operation. We started off by writing down our introduction and thesis for our essay, and then continued onto the main idea for the first body paragraph and the details. And then I hear you confusedly say: ” ‘o course but wha’ is the use of all of this hassle, haste and busy-ness. Well, well, well, I shall therefore tell you if it is such a pressing and important question that you must ask and will make all haste to inform you of the answer. Right, first of all, it makes writing the essay much less of a hassle as you know where to put this information, conclusions and the like. Another considerable advantage of planning out this essay is that you have a very good idea of where you would like to write this information, what goes first and where, and many other things. This is of course extremely helpful as it hastens the process and requires much less inconvenience to the writer.

Jstory Reflection

Exhibition Week 3- Post 2

Process And Research

I personally think that I have done particularly well in this field of exhibition as I am quite far in the process and am progressing relatively swiftly and learning much along the way. This is at least partly because when I am researching I am learning about websites that I can use for future reference as well as getting much information on my topic from these websites which I thoroughly absorb into my brain. Another thing about research that I would like to say is that the websites are sometimes not so good and organized in some senses, but are great sources of information from some other perspectives as for example there are some disorganized, not-so-neat websites but from an information point of view they can sometimes be absolutely invaluable. One example of this is that I found a website that was just one big essay that proved to be fantastic even though it was disorganized and was not exactly from a source that I had used before, but even so, it eventually turned out to be a great website. In the field of process I have done quite well too in my view for reasons that I mentioned before and also because of many other reasons that I have not told you before. One of these fantastic reasons is that even just today I worked on my creative writing and am making a short story and am already on my 4th chapter, which I personally think is really not such a bad place to be. But do not be mistook by this remarkable swiftness, because although this was quite fast, I was still very thorough and tried my absolute best to have it relate to my exhibition central idea and topic but at the same time making it quite absorbing and therefore hopefully a pretty good read.

Learner Profile

As to the learner profile there are of course some things to work on and some things that in my view at the very least, are going quite well. One example of this (to work on) is that I would definitely like to work on being open-minded and therefore take information in from more than one perspective and in essence have a much broader view of the information or problem which will definitely help me in exhibition. Another prominent reason for this is to take in different perspectives of different people and so forth accumulate a database of people’s opinions that shall undoubtedly be of assistance in exhibition so I can present in different perspectives and so people can have some more freedom and variety in making up there own view. This is also useful because I could make a graph and compare how many people approve or disapprove of this and that, which will therefore help or aid people in forming their opinions about this particular problem. One other learner profile that I have often used in my view is knowledgeable as I already have a sizeable or otherwise significant amount of information or knowleadge upon the particular subject that that I am at the moment studying in exhibition. Being knowledgeable is also of very great assistance when presenting as the data or information comes to you very quickly and you will consequently be able to be extremely fluent in your presentation as you have been reminded of this information very often during your research which will hopefully and decisively conclude in what should be an absolutely spectacular presentation at the end of exhibition. As I have often said before I have often inquired into the sources and/or whereabouts of information that I have often researched during exhibition. I have also from my view used many other elements of the learner profile relatively often in exhibition which in my view is quite good and should also some of the many reasons listed above and in occasionally similar ways.  And those are some learner profile words that I have often used during exhibition.

Challenges and Successes

Some challenges for me so far have been to find good information and websites for me to find that are thoroughly subject specific and therefore highly related to my subject. The ability to reflect quite well is in my view at least quite a success for me should be helpful to me in my exhibition by having the ability to freely admit that my mistakes when presenting. another success for me is to have used the learner profile quite often, and in a comparable variety that is quite an improvement for me. Those are some of my recent challenges and successes for me.



Exhbition 5/14-2

I personally think that I have progressed quite a bit in exhibition and am doing quite well. I have quite a few good reasons for this, one prominent reason is that I am far enough in the process, and am really finding some very good websites and resources. Though I think I have to vary my resources a bit as I have a miniscule amount of non-website resources: Only two, one of them is a video and the other an interesting interview with someone who had experienced an area within my topic which both yielded some extremely interesting and intriguing results. Also some websites are looking at something from a different perspective which can be quite intriguing when you look at the basic components of corruption, etc. I have had some challenges, however when I look back I eventually dealt with them quite well, these include finding a good wording for my topic to research, but also to have it subject-specific, making for a hard combination. My question itself has not changed much. However, its focus has been perhaps not radically changed but even so there has been an exploration of a different sector inside my topic. My mentor meetings have helped me a lot and I admit that that is a rather insincere way to put it however, they have been of great assistance to me. One particularly good example of this is when Mr. Presti, my mentor, helped me to figure out a way to search indirectly for my question. Or perhaps, when Mr. Beddows, though he is not my mentor aided me in discovering a much better topic that still fit in with my exhibition central idea but not to stray too far from my ideal topic: corruption, so it would still be very interesting and engaging for me and also so I could perhaps enjoy exhibition and not become bored. I have kept very good track, of my sources so far, at least in my view, because although I forgot to copy and paste all of my sources into google docs, I promptly found every single one of my sources and did not lose any of them and therefore I think that I did a relatively good job with keeping my sources. I also have come to the definite conclusion that I have used the learner profile quite often, especially inquirer which I have shown many times during exhibition, one instance of this is when I am researching I am enthusiastically typing and questioning articles, and thinking thoroughly about them, I therefore have come to the rather accurate conclusion that I have used the Learner profile quite a few times during the year, and especially during the preparation for summative assessments. Because of all of this (the above) I am confident in the conclusion that I am in quite a good place, and have generally in a rather short summary done quite a good job so far, at least from my perspective.

Exhibition Reflection 5/14/AD

Mentor Meetings

I personally think my mentor meetings have been going rather well for many reasons. Mr. Presti as I am sure you know is my mentor and he has been modifying my groups questions in many ways and has been extremely efficient. He has also made sure that all of our questions relate back to the central idea very strongly, that they are not too specific, and assist in the planning out of exhibition. Another thing that I think is very good about our mentor meetings is that I am extremely concentrated, try to come up with solutions and have come up with ideas for others in my group.


My research is going very well too, in fact, I think It is going extremely well. However, a challenge that I have recently encountered is that one of my questions was quite hard to research. But fortunately Mr. Presti helped me to look at it from a different angle when searching and therefore getting much more information out of the internet. I am now on my third question, I was a bit slow due to not being able to find any websites on my second question and therefore being significantly delayed in my work, however, I have managed to catch up a bit and am, as I mentioned before, on my third question. I am finding much information on the websites and some articles are significantly helpful. I have avoided clicking on unreliable sources by ignoring anything that has “wiki” in its name because then random people can simply write something that might not even be true.

Learner profile

I have used a significant amount of enthusiasm and curiosity. For example when I am doing research I am quite curious and enthusiastic about the information and absorb it very quickly. Another thing that might not be in the learner profile that I have shown is focus, which is probably brought upon by my consequent enthusiasm which assists me with my work very much and motivates me. I would like to be more of a reflector and am working on it right now by writing this blog post. I think I have also shown a fair amount of many of the others and generally conclude that I have done quite well in this particular section of exhibition.

Exhibition Blog 5/5/14/AD/Time


Some barriers for people inside my field of research are controlled or oppressed by corrupt leaders that convince the majority of the population with propaganda, fake sympathy, and policies never put into place. This is also a barrier holding people from expressing their beliefs, thoughts, and even ideas. For example the government might ban certain websites as in China, where thousands of websites have been banished from Chinese internet by the government because they contain content that they think will stop the people supporting them (The Chinese Communist Party).

How Does it Impact Others

Corruption impacts many different things,  however, to simplify and focus on the main things I shall make a little list:


Corruption influences pretty much everything, including the course of history, wars, battles, and even who is ruling and entire countries.


Corruption sometimes runs whole governments and therefore moulds the country to its liking, its laws, not to mention assassinating political opponents who try to oppose you and stand in your way.


If corruption runs a government then it will inevitably have a profound impact on the country’s people, if a new law is put in place, then people have to adjust, or perhaps rebel. Another is that every single aspect of life is influenced strongly by the corrupt government which is or ruling power, which could make some humungous changes to daily life and/or status.


One possible action that I could do would be to inform people about a corrupt government, how it works, why it should be overthrown, and the brutal oppression that they often inflict upon the particular country’s population. This is to raise awareness about corruption and the lethal effect that it can have on a country or perhaps, in some cases, even the world.


So far I have done a substantial amount of research on my first question and am currently on my third source. My first question is: How do corrupt leaders arise but also sometimes/occasionally keep the people happy/satisfied. However, I have done much research on this particular topic before, and also have quite a bit background knowledge upon the subject. But I definitely think there is much room for further exploration.

Learner Profile

In my view I have mainly used a positive combination of curiosity and enthusiasm which I have showed especially when researching. This is probably because I love researching and am naturally curious and anxious to find as much information as I possibly can about my topic and  I am therefore enthusiastic, especially when researching.

Reflection: 5/5/14

Today I think that I did reasonably well and did a substantial amount of work and sent a good email to our mentor, and I am already on my third resource which is quite a way ahead I think of the majority of people and I was also quite efficient, thoughtful and curious in my work (at least in my view).

Challenges & Successes

I think some challenges for me would be to keep some particular members of my group focused and productive.  I do not think there have been many other significant challenges for me so far.

I think I have been very thoughtful and successful with my exhibition blog posts. And have nearly always fulfilled most of the criteria required for a good long blog post. I am quite proud of my blog posts, especially the best ones, for example some of my exhibition preparation blog posts are probably from my perspective at least are the best. However, there are many other very good ones that I think I definitely ought to give credit to.