Last Exhibition Post

I’ve been quite calm for Exhibition apart from the day right before it because I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure that I was going to do good enough and I was afraid that I might mess up with all of the people watching me. At the beginning I was just thinking that it was going to be another school assignment that would go on and just be done. But it wasn’t it was actually very interesting and I learned a lot of useful information. I really enjoyed the field trips especially. I was feeling really nervous and kind of exhausted by the time that the parents came. Nervous because I was afraid that I might mess up. I was exhausted because I had done seven presentations by than and it was really hard, yet fun.

In the actual Exhibition presentation I was a good communicator because all of the parents and kids knew what I was saying and what I did say was also interesting. I was also good at being social especially with the parents because I was very inviting and made it sound interesting. I was also very social because I gave a lot of input in the mentor meetings. I was also very good with my time management because I separated my time very well and managed to get everything done on time. And for some things that I couldn’t have done until the end, I came early to get them done.

If I got to do it again, I might decide to do religion because it seemed like they had a lot to study and it also seemed really intriguing. Next time I’ll also try to have the same area because it was really nice and every person that came was able to hear what we had to say and I think that that also made the presentation better. I think that next time it shouldn’t all be in the quad because we had just barely enough room to all fit. Overall I think that it was really nice and I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

week 6 post 3

I feel very prepared for my exhibition because all of my supplies are set up, I’m prepared to present and I can’t wait to present to the kids and the parents! I’m really excited to see how the catwalk is going to go. I also think that the 3rd and 4th grades are really going to like that we are going to allow them to design their own shirts and that they get to model them on the catwalk. I feel ready for my presentation because we basically have all of our materials. I’m really happy with my presentation and with my group. I’ve put in a lot of effort into today, and I’m also lucky that I remembered the strategy for folding shirts faster. One of the skills that I’ve improved on throughout Exhibition is my self-management skills because We’ve managed to finish right on time and we’ve well prepared. I’m also happy with the keynote, although I think that We all need to work on being more confident, engaging, and clear with our presentation.

week 6 post 2

My group is actually doing very well with our presentation and I’m very glad that we’ve actually managed to get a very interactive slide, and I’m glad Ms. Weldzius helped us because I’m sure that we couldn’t have done it without her. I need to work on being more of an inquirer and a thinker because I’ve been just looking around and asking for something to do, when I should just work on something that I’ve already finished and make it better. I’m ready for my Exhibition although I’ll be needing a little more rehearsing.

week 6 post 1

I’m behind on my taking action plan, but ahead on everything else. I really need to think of something, and fast. I’ve done well on being knowledgeable throughout the entire Exhibition by using the knowledge I already have, to find out even more. I have put in a lot of effort in today because I put my best foot foot forward with my keynote when I had to restart and get my groups keynotes together. I also feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in the Exhibition process because although I’m behind with my action plan, I’m ahead with everything else. My visual is completed and in my opinion, looks great!

week 5 post 3

photo-3 In this Exhibition piece that I worked on with Elise, We decided to make three sculptures of Chinese girls. Two being from the past and one being from the present. I’m proud of how Elise and I we’re resourceful, and even though each one is very different, it still looks nice. I’m also proud of how Elise took not only the time to write about each character but also included an introduction card that was helpful in a sense that now we have what we’re going to say to introduce our project. I’m proud of how I bought a lot of supplies and contributed a lot to the making of the sculptures. Next time though I might assign more time where Elise and I could just discuss our project because we got confused when each of us came to school with something that the other partner said not to bring. (Although we managed to find time). I was a thinker by instead of just buying barbie dolls for manikins, I thought we might use the wooden dolls where there might be less room for error, but there’s more room for creativity.

Week 5 post 2

Although I’ve been planning for a while to reach out to Toddlers and Tiaras, I think that my ideas are starting to head in a different direction and even if they do get back to me, I’ve gotten all I need out of the field trip. Another problem with that might be that if she didn’t support it she obviously wouldn’t put that in writing, and if she does then she’s probably going to ignore all of the facts that I mention against what Toddlers and Tiaras supports. Now, since I went down the path of exposing clothing I think that maybe I could make meaningful posters on what teens their age wear and why they shouldn’t. and I would hang up in one of the High school room(s). I’m a little unsure of what to do right now but maybe my mentor could help me brain storm because I’m kind of stuck and I hope I finish on time because well… I’m going to have to. I’ve been balanced with doing my own work and helping my group. For example when we got handed the organizer for the keynote that we we’re going to be making, I did my work but here and there I helped Diana with her flipagram, and helped Hannah with her slides. I need to work on being more reflective with my work because when we were revising our informational writing pieces, I just rushed through and I didn’t realize that there were quite a few mistakes that I could have caught. For my visual piece, my materials still haven’t come so it’s a little nerve wracking because I’m running out of time. But when I get them, I’ll be done in a day.

Exhibition week 5 post 1

On of the learner profile traits that I’ve demonstrated in exhibition is being a thinker because i put a lot of thought into the questions that I would ask the person that I was going to interview at J•crew and I got a lot of great answers. I need to work on being more of an inquirer by finding better people to e-mail because haven’t gotten any responses even though now I luckily already ahem the person that I was going to talk to. I’v actually already completed my essay and it has everything that it should. I have 5 paragraphs and I was thinking about adding another paragraph but I didn’t know what it should be about. The essay is strong in my opinion and I sited the sources that I used on easy bib, which stands for easy bibliography. I wasn’t here for Exhibition today but that because I went on a great field trip that taught me a lot on fashion. Throughout the Exhibition I’ve gotten better at my time management skills because I usually used to just do everything on the last day and be like “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot”, then I end up doing a halfhearted project in a slice of the time I need. Now, I’ve been setting myself up better and I have been getting twice the amount of work done and I am less stressed on completing everything all at once. So far in exhibition I feel on track because I’m ahead with my informational piece, I’m in a good spot with my keynote visual, and I’m slightly behind with my main visual piece. But not to worry on my visual because I know this nice designer that can help me get it done in a jiffy! By tomorrow I hope to have all of my materials for my visual because i’m missing the purple and the gold, but by then I’ll be good to go. On the first place that we go to which I mention earlier, my favorite stop was where we got to see all of those gorge dresses, and to see all of those unimaginably beautiful accessories. The person who gave us the tour at Kleinfeld’s was very generous in letting us try on so many of the beautiful accessories. I also think that it was really cool that we got to go to Starbucks and eat as Hannah got to interview the person who worked at Starbucks. Next Time I would really like to interview the workers not as much as the manager because the workers would be nice to see the opinion of the people who actually have to wear the uniform in addition to the opinion of the person who helps enforce the dress codes.

Blog post 2 on Exhibition

So now I not only have a great tune for my creative writing plan but I also have most of the lyrics down. I started using the application called garage band. I was successful in creating a great song that doesn’t sound too cheesy and it still makes a lot of sense. One of the obstacles that I faced was making a functional plan for my song. I’ve been good at being a thinker by over checking my work to make sure that I get all of the most important facts into the song. I need to work on being more open-minded by making my songs follow more of a normal song format. There’s nothing I need from my mentors right now. I could take action by contacting toddlers and tiaras.

Exhibition Blog Post

So far in Exhibition I already have all three of my questions completed and now I’m basically just listing my print recourses, my alternative, and my digital resources. I have used youtube, social media, eHow, and google. I seemed to have found the most information out of was youtube. I was successful in finding digital recourses. I had trouble with finding relative alternative sources for my topic. I was an inquirer by delving into my research and getting good research on my topic. I also was a thinker when I took notes. I need to be more balanced with having an equal amount of digital, alternative, and written references. In my mentor meetings I think that we’re doing well and we are getting a lot of work done. All that me and my mentor need is to find a good person to interview.

Exhibition Start

So far I think that I’m at a normal point in project, I’m on my second question. I already have my Chinese, art, and music projects complete so I feel about set. I was successful in getting good questions that I’ll get a lot of information from. It was hard to come up with the right questions because they needed to be strong and there had to be a lot of articles on it. It was also hard to get all of the mentor meetings started and to really get into the project because at first I was really confused with what I was really doing. I’ve been a thinker by over thinking my ideas and making sure that this is going to be an interesting and learnable experience. I need to be more of a communicator by sharing more websites with my peers when I come across one. I’m happy with my mentor meetings, and I’m really excited and glad if we could possibly go to this magazine office and see how the making of all these trends start. I don’t really need that much help from the adults now because thanks to Mrs. Weiss and Mrs. Sharik I’m basically set. Apart from the fact that I might need a lot of Mrs. Tompkins help with the models that Elise and I will be making.

Barriers with fashion

Some of the barriers might include that people could get discriminated for their religious wear, which is for the worst. Another example might be that some people get stopped for wearing to little to cover themselves, and that is for the better. My three main questions are why do people wear such exposing clothing? what does the religious clothing represent? The last one is what are some of the consequences when you don’t follow dress codes? I think that these are good questions because they’re not yes or no questions, and I can find some really great articles to complete this project.

Exhibition start

So far in exhibition, we haven’t done that much researching and we’re kind of just setting things up for when we’re already in London and we can really kick things off. I’m happy with my group I can work great with them and am glad that we are finally getting exhibition started. One of my goals is to make my presentation and working process as meaningful and smooth as possible. One of the goals for my group is for us to come together and really communicate well, and work together as a group and be able to combine our topics in a way to make it all relate and complement each of our individual ideas. I’ve been a thinker when I started coming up with my questions when I was looking for something that I really will want to know more about. I need to be more of a communicator by sharing more of my ideas with the group.

Union Square Greenmarket

When we went to green market I really appreciated how the tour guide took the time to explain how Union Square Greenmarket really worked. It was also really nice how one of they guys there had prepared us a vegetable version of pasta which I personally thought was really good. I’m also really supportive of the Union Square Greenmarket because it seems to run smother that the way in which it works with fair trade, and from what I know people seem to give less complaints, and it also looks like it has much less problems. I think that more farmers should choose to join because we didn’t see as many sections as you normally would with a super market. I saw that the prices are a lot less than other stores. I wonder if there are other locations.

Union Settlement

I showed respect. I showed this while I was picking up the garbage and in mid planting, because I realized how hard these people work, and how they have been so thoughtful of the community. It also made me see how so much can come from a small idea, and how many people that idea can positively influence. I also think that it’s moving how much work is put into this and how much good can come from it. It also felt really good because we were enjoying ourselves and helping the community a lot, so I feel very fortunate for the place I live in and that I can help the people who don’t get as many privileges as I do. I am wondering how the place got so much trash?

Fair Trade

I really like the idea of fair trade and how it strives to help all of those people out their woking so hard, so it’s nice to know that there are people out their like fair trade, lending a hand. I’m interested in how the fair trade system works, and how farmers and people like the banana workers get themselves signed up to be a part of the Fair Trade *story*. I’m also wondering if there are any other companies out there like fair trade, and if they work the same way. As being a consumer it is our responsibility to chose the fate (money wise) of their business, wether that means for Fair trade or those other big brands like Del Monte. It is our responsibility to chose the more expensive=good for the people, or the cheaper option=good for big businesses option, it’s about what matters more to you. I’m prepared to pay more, to help more.

Banana plantation video

What was similar with the videos was how they shipped and had the zip lined, but that’s basically all that I can recall. The second video shows more of the true labor involved with dealing with the bananas, but in the one we saw in class showed more steps, like fertilization and plantation. Due to the difference, I was some what shocked that they didn’t instal a system to pull the banana’s on the zip line, and made some poor man drag it through. I would like to explore how someone would be able to get one of those plantations started?


My topic relates to the central ideas in many ways, that one would not expect it to convey relating to expression or just really being who you are. This form of expression can be found in various swim wear including both men and women swim wear, tank tops, jeans, undergarments, dresses, boots, tangas, head dresses, bows, ties, headbands, other foot wear, and many more because the list really just goes on and on. (Feel free to add some in the comment section below 🙂 ) Some barriers that are commonly known might be how both women and men have chosen to be too expositive when dressing, and it can sometimes be considered illegal due to it have ever been exposed to younger viewers. Of course that’s an example that should not happen, because it’s a bit provocative, it still happens because some people want it, and others don’t. Another issue is how people sometimes are mean with people who wear certain clothes as part of their religion, such as head dresses, and robes, or even jewish yamakas. This shouldn’t happen because all that those people are trying to do, is follow a religion that has grown to being a part of themselves, and also their form or expression. One other issue might be money. Lets say I’m in Africa, and I can’t afford to by myself some clothes, or shoes to protect me from getting hurt against Africa’s rough environment, to just go ’round bare. That’s not safe because I’m not even getting the basics of what I might need to survive. What can be done for a situation like Africa’s, I would suggest us all to use organizations like Unicef, Taking it global, and others that support those who need it. For the people who expose themselves, maybe there should be one place where you can be expositive, but you have to leave the wrest of us alone if you’ll be coming showing too much… So that it would be like a smoking free zone, except for something else more or less and other places that you would be allowed to *smoke*. For the head dresses, and other tradition uniforms, people should just leave them alone and get of their case, put yourself inn their religious shoes and realize that it’s just as much a part of them (if not more) that a traditional American Tuesday taco night. Clothing is more than fashion, it’s delightfully true part of us that shall live on across the years.

Experiment with the 3’s

Yesterday, we went to the 3’s class room where we showcased our given/chosen experiments, and allowed them to listen interact, and do science. As far as I saw, they seemed to have been enjoying what we were doing. In my group I think that we did a nice job of allowing all of the kids to do something and participate in the project. I think we also did a nice job of getting all of our materials together because our experiment worked out and we didn’t make too much of a mess. I think that we could have worked on explaining more about what was going on, because they mostly just liked shaking the bottle after there was like a pound of glitter in the bottle. Overall I think that it came to together well, and I really hope that that won’t be the last time that we’ll go to see them.

Group key note on Education

I think that my group did well on making the keynote inspiring, and one of the reasons that it became so was because the music was very powerful, and also we did a nice job of keeping limited colors to make it more bold. I could have worked on having more of a delay on my slides because then it made us all have to go back and fix it so that it would be more readable. Overall I think that we did really well even though we did have areas of improvement.

Interest group

My interest is education. It fits into our central idea because when you have the access to an education it opens sooooo many more doors for you in life than you could ever imagine. If my desire is to be an ophthalmologist when I grow up, then I need to go to school, to prepare myself for college where I study the topic of my desire,. And if I were to have done well, then I would end up with getting a good job. If I want to be a farmer, then I need to lean the labor, and treatments for all the sick animals that may not be well in your farm. You need to be taught one way or another. It also fits because a good education, is every kid’s and adult’s foundation to the level of their success. people with the higher standard of education, did better in their future lives, than the others that hadn’t received such a marvelous, or even regular education, had much different lives, some beyond comparison. that’s how it can change your/our lives.

Becoming Naomi leon

The main theme in my book is Family – blessing or curse. One example in my book is when Owen gets teased in the park because of the way that he dresses, and all of a sudden, Naomi freezes up, and is unable to do anything when he’s being bullied, and then when he gets up and laughs about it because he thought that it was funny and stuff like that shouldn’t be allowed to get him down. Then, thats when Naomi feels good about having such a sweet brother like Owen. page 165. Another example is when Skyla decides to buy all of Naomi’s dream clothes then gets all crazy and starts dying her hair to make it look like her daughters. Then, expects it to be more of a “twinzies” activities for people of the same age, instead of a mother daughter bonding sort of thing. page 189. Another example is when Gram is always there by her side, but doesn’t like to tell her about all the grown up issues that there are in their lives, even though towards the end they get preyed out with effort. all pages. Last example is that Naomi’s dad got separated from her because of Skyla, and now Naomi finally has gotten the chance to meet her father, it was the best thing to have eve happened to her. A great website I found is provided here, it also has other great study tips and info

Counting on Grace

the theme in my book is acceptance. It is acceptance because first Grace has to accept that her life should be more than the Mill, and that there just might be a chance she can’t escape. might. page. 24 The next thing that had to be accepted was that Arthur had to except that Grace was a slightly better reader than him. page 28. Next Grace had to accept that Pépé died because of a train incident while she was gone. page 126. She also had to accept that her mom wants her to work at the mill more than anything. page. 80. Arthur also had to accept that because of one of his foolish mistakes he can no longer write. page 190. Graces mom had to accept that her daughter belonged at school page 200. Finally, Grace has to accept her new life, in all it’s entirety!

Exhibition post

I believe that my topic is going to be what you wear. That fits into you express yourself through your passions because what you wear is something that all humans care about no matter how self conches you may be. Our clothing is a part of all of us, and its who we are. I was a thinker because my topic used to be music, but I already know to much about that, and fashion in a way, will help my indulge my thinking more. Next time I might be more of a communicator by conveying my exhibition ideas more clearly, so that when it comes down to it, I will make a clear presentation.


In todays exhibition we had to come up with central ideas that related to Expressing yourself, and one of the ones that I came up with was access to opportunities can cause new inventions and ideas. I’m feeling confident about exhibition because we have a lot of time, the topics are relatable, and this seems like an interesting project. One thing that I should work on is being a thinker because I could have come up with better ideas. Another one I came up with is that people’s access to freedom, effects their future and the future of mankind. I would like to study how people’s access to opportunities effects the world, and who?

Math Fight Review

I really enjoyed math fight because I enjoy some friendly competition , I also enjoyed it because you can choose your level of difficulty. Although, it could have been better if you got a second chance at the problem your on because if your opponent gets theirs before you get yours, then you never get to answer the one you were on! overall it was a great app and you should buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!