Josh’s Awesome Spring Break

On Spring Break, I went to Toronto, Canada. There were a lot of nice attractions. The places that I liked most were the Niagara Falls and the CN Tower. The Niagara Falls was really big. It wasn’t in Toronto so my family drove from Toronto all the way to Ontario. We saw a beautiful sight there. After a storm, I took a picture of the Niagara Falls with a rainbow. The third photo is a picture of the CN Tower, which is also in Ontario. It looked like to Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, which is really tall too. There was a glass elevator to the top of the building. It was so scary that I screamed out loud in the elevator. Then at the top of the tower, there was a rotating restaurant. It was basically a restaurant on top of the CN Tower that is spinning around. When we took the lift down, I found out that it wasn’t that scary at all.

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If I have a fictional character as my best friend…


imgresIf I have a fictional character as my best friend, I would chose Hiro from the movie Big Hero 6 because he is a computer genius and very good at programming. He is very funny and kind to friends. He also invented a robot called Baymax who is a doctor, I guess he can invent a robot that can play with us. If he is my best friend, I would play computer games with him, or ride his jetpack suit and fly through the city. I would also try his suit because I never even saw a robot suit before. I would watch him participate in the robot fighting competition. He lives in San Fransokyo which is a high-tech and busy city. He can also show me around the institute of technology there because it is the place that has most technology in the city and full of computer geniuses. I may even hang out with him and his friends too. 

My hopes of 2016

This year I hope I can go to a amusement park.

This year I hope I will get my own stop motion set.

This year I hope I will get an iPad.

This year I hope I can go to Hong Kong to see my friends.

This year I hope I will get more video games.

This year I hope I will get a pet.

This year I hope I can watch a lot of movi’s.

This year I hope I will eat a lot of food.

This year I hope I will have my own room.

This year I hope I will go to other states in USA.

Trick or Treat weekend

Saturday, I woke up at 8:30. I ate my breakfast, then went to my classmate’s home to play. I watched mission impossible 2. Then I ate my lunch. Then we played video games. And then some of our classmates came to his home. All of us wore our Halloween costume, then we went to Trick or Treating. We went through the Colombus circle. We went to restaurants, salons and grocery stores. Then I left, I went to my friend’s home and ate dinner. Then we ate our birthday cake because both of us share the same day of birthday, November 9th. Then I went home. That time, it is already 1 am in the midnight!

Sunday, I woke up at 9:45. I woke up such late because it was daylight savings time. My family went to the museum of the metropolitan museum of art. We ate lunch, then went to the Rockefeller center’s lego store to buy Lego as my birthday present.


Halloween Costume

My favourite Halloween costume is the chainsaw guy with a mask. I think it is pretty cool because the chainsaw is so scary to me. It looked like a strong construction worker with a chainsaw and a mask. It is a pair of blue pants and a white t- shirt and a mask. The chainsaw is actually just made of plastic, but it looks so real. It is my favourite costume because it is the most scary costume to me and the chainsaw looks so real.

An advice to new students to Dwight EAL

Welcome! You are very lucky to be in EAL, because it is the most fun group in Dwight. You get to play many games in this group. Like Kahoot, and Quizlet. You are also welcomed here always at afterschools, you could do homework with teachers and they can help you at your homework. Good luck!


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