April 3

Spring Break Thorn and Rose

My rose for my Spring Break was when we were at the hotel. I was playing a ping pong tournament against toons of adult. During the ping pong tournament I worked my way up to the semi finals. After a close match in the semi finals, I won by 3 points it was stress full and very hard. Unfortunately the adult that was against me in the finals was not abel to play, so I played the finals against someone else. I took my time and won the finals, yet I didn’t get a price.

My thorn in Spring Break was when a jelly fish stung me. I had to run across the beach all the way to the hotel it was’t great. My leg was burning, it was red like a red Mexican pepper. After I had to go to the hotel nurse, so she could put something on my leg. Unfortunately that day I was’t able to do anything else, apart from staying in my hotel room sleeping or watching Mexican TV. this is the unfortunate event that happened in Spring Break.


The End

December 13

story of the object

it is a poster of my favorite team witch is real madrid and my grandfather gave it to me so It is always there remanding me of my favorite team real Madrid. I t is when they won the Champions league. I was so happy that day that is why I choose this object it was one of my favorite days of that year. I always remember this day, as a happy day that is another reason why i chose it. It is  a…


it is smooth, big you can fold, and it describes happiness, It can be big or small,there are multiple colors, mostly white and green,could be other colors.


poster of Real Madrid

November 14

speking reflection

I think I did very well in my intonation for the last one because when there was something exiting I said it loudly, but in the first one it was a little boring because i didn’t really get exited. I think I did really good on saying the words in the first one but in the second one it was harder so i got a little more wrong. I also think it was great overall because the hardest I got a better grade.

November 9

Impromptu writing

I see a police officer a gun a girl they are playing a game they are in the road they girl is having fun there is many people they look like poor people because they are sleeping there there is a car a lot of trees and grass it looks like their waiting for something to come like help. i see water or a drink it is a good day also there is a police car


they are immigrants from another country that have just came and a police officer just saw them in the road he is calling for help because they are poor and some mite have illness. I am the photographer. They have been waiting for hours. So the officer has decided to play with the little girl It looks like other officers just arrived but they didn’t come prepared for this so they have to wait for longer because they didn’t come with help.It is going to take a long time because e it is in the middle of nowhere it is hot and they are very thirsty. They come from Mexico because there is a lot of crime and kids cannot live there. This is their only place to go.

October 30

jacobo’s greetings

If you were greeting a stranger you would just shake hands. If you were greeting a friend you would hug or kiss in the two cheeks it does not matter the order. If you were greeting someone from your family you would just hug. If you were greeting your grandparents you would kiss or hug, you would do that with any of your family members

Jacobo bustos

From Spain

movie-on-10-30-16-at-4-56-pm movie-on-10-30-16-at-4-57-pm-2 movie-on-10-30-16-at-4-57-pm

October 24

the 3 day weekend

This weekend I had Friday off from school because of parent teacher conferences it went really well my parents were very happy and I was also. I went to the cinema with some friends and I watch a movie that was vey funny. Then I had baseball practice after. on Saturday I was suposed to have a double header with my baseball team but it goy cancelled because of the rain so I stayed home and studied for the ancient Egypt quiz. On Sunday I had another baseball game but with another team and league we won by 3 it was 9 6 i had a great time. After that I had another baseball practice. I was very tired and sweaty. Then I went home studied did my other homework and watched movies in my ouse with my family. Then I finally went to sleep at 11:30.i woke up and I was ready to go to school on Monday after a very fun weekend.

By Jacobo

September 14



brown           black             short

sporty           nice               grateful

soccer           tennis             school

learning       thankful      proud

grammar     speeches      pronunciation

daniel           Lucca           Louis


soccer player




April 6

Spring Break blog post

My Spring Break went well I did a lot of things . I went to a soccer camp for a week. I got hurt playing soccer and I twisted my arm  I also had my first baseball training. The other thing that I did is every day I read 30 minutes and I finished my book. My book was called wimpy kid. It was the last one. I also went to Spain for four days and my little cousin was there. I also went to the hospital to visit my grandmother because she is sick. When I went to Spain I also saw my friends they were at school. I went to visit my old school. That was my spring break.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.11.26 AM  Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.11.39 AM

March 8

My best friend

I would choose Hulk because he could protect me and show me his skills. He could teach me how to be strong. I think this is a good best friend because he never gives up to save the world and to save people with the avengers. Another thing why I chose him is because he is smart and really smart. He is famous because he is in a lot of movies like the avengers I would tell him to make me like him and save people. I would save people with him. He jumps really fast and high so He can bring me to school jumping and everybody would be impressed so I would be really happy. It would be awesome because we would play together. We could work together to save other people and be a really good team.Hulk is a good friend because he would always trust me and I would trust him too. That was why I choose him because he is really smart and strong.


November 2

This weekend  was fun because I went trick or treating,with Daniel Mathew and my cousins we got a lot of It was fun.The next dayIwent to my baseball⚾ game we won by one run.My cousins are leaving today It’s  sad but I will see  them in Christmas.

By Jacobo