Final Reflection

I really enjoyed exhibition. I really liked that we had mentors that helped us go through this tough time. My mentor was Ms. Scheck a 3rd grade teacher. We had a meeting once a week, and during that period it was very helpful. The only problem during exhibition for me was one thing, I didn’t really enjoyed my topic, access to technology. I actually wanted to study social media, but there were people already doing it.

During the whole process I had a lot of pressure on me, especially during London. We started Exhibition about two weeks before London. During London we needed to think a little about it, that wasn’t THAT hard, it was more when the London students were here. We had some homework each night and my buddy really distracted me from doing my work. I also thought at the beginning that exhibition is going to be really, really, hard. It wasn’t that hard at the end though. We might have researched a lot, but it wa actually more fun than hard.

I think I used the communication skill A LOT. I think it wasn’t just me, it was my whole group. One example is when we went to the Google office in New York. We interviewed some people there. We asked them a few questions, they gave great answers.

Exhibition was great. We couldn’t done it this great without Mr. Beddows, an amazing teacher.


week 4 day 3

Today we started our key note presentation. I helped out a lot about what the idea should be. And how we will need pictures of bands like kiss. So the reader will get drawn in. I am also trying to make a page of the time lines of when music was gongs and sticks all the way to the electric guitar. I am trying to mix all spread it out. the information up and also spread it out. I don’t want paragraph after paragraph  of information which will make it boring. It would be great if we could use the instrument we made in art and let the guest use them. This will make them just want to stay and learn more. I think my group is doing a great job. I don’t think that I have anything negative to say. Our team work is great and I expect better to come.

exhibition week 4 day 2

Before I started this informational essay about how music is bandied in certain countries. I was not aware of how bad the punishments where just for singing a song. This essay even taught me about how peoples freedom was being taken away just for expressing themselves. I do think that the readers will get drawn into  the essay when they start reading  because I  don’t think that many people are aware of this issue. I have a lot of confidence that people will enjoy the essay because I have provided interesting factual information to support my essay . Today, we finished our essays and  we  all worked in partners to edit each others essays. This was helpful because I was able to get valuable feedback about what changes I could make to my informational essay so it can be the best it can be.My buddy, who peer edited with me, didn’t have much feedback on my mistakes so my teacher helped me with it.  I only have my cover to do which is really good.

Blog post action

Our group work is good. We don’t usually distract one and another. If one person needs help then the group will help. Although I have my best friend in my group we don’t distract echother we just keep going on with our work. I have to say my group is doing well and I think it the good work will keep up. I haven’t really changed my thinking. I  think it is doing just fine. And even if I do I still think it wont be as more afishent. Out of 1 out of 10 I think my thinking would be an 7. I don’t usually take responsibility for my group. But I do take it for my work. I think I put a lot of detail into this and that I do put effort into my work. So I will take full responsibility for my work but I will not take responsibility for someone else work. I think I was a thinker because I thought about what to write and what I could of improved on and fix.

exibition week 4 day 3

I am in a good spot starting my informational writing draft. I finished the draft sheet and i’m moving ahead. Although i’m having a bit of trouble  and got stuck for just a bit I was still able to move on. I feel like this was a bit simple because I know a lot of people express themselves through music. I also new that many people ca be against music because they just don’t understand the melody of music and it can make you imagine amazing things. It can make you wounder and dream if you understand it. I think I was a thinker because I thought  what if I try to write what other people think about music and how they understand it. I also think that I could try to be better at fixing and and noticing the mistakes I make during my work.

exibition week 4day 1

Today seemed calm and I hope it stays  calm for the rest of the week. I believe that this will be probably our last week to work on this. Because next week will not be a full week.  We are working on a essay draft sheet.   I got stuck for a while at the beginning. I wasn’t really able to understand how the sheet worked. After a bit Sophie told me how and explained it to me. It was like I was Popeye. I just all of a sudden I Just did my work really well there were no distractions and I almost finished my sheet. I thought that I was not going to be able to know what I was doing.  I think I was Independent because I tried to not get distracted and get my work done. Even though I was surrounded by friends I just kept doing my work and in return I didn’t have to do it for homework.

blog creative writing response

Once again it was much easier this week. I was just thinking what next week would be like. My creative writing was fun. Though I got stuck sometimes I kept going. I just hope that the last week will be just as simple. My short story had good times and bad times. But thats just a story. I think that this was the most fun thing yet. I put a lot of effort into my blog. And I wish to do more blogs like these. I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the music group more then I thought and I have never been gladder to be in my group. I couldn’t imagine a better group. I am excited about next week and hope to do more like this. I only chose short story because I thought that I would be most detailed and creative on a short story. Making a song is a good idea but in a way I new it wouldn’t of been the best chose. I had many choses but I had many ideas for the short story. Some people my say it is not the best idea but I think my own way. Although I hope to have a better time on the next one.

exibition week 1 day 2

Today was a good day to collect research. It was calm but al of us in my group got a lot of work done. I am practically finished with my ruff draft of my creative writing. Anyway we still have not done any mentor meetings this week. I believe that we have one meeting coming up on wens-day. Although we barely get anytime in the meetings we still have enough time though. My group has caught up with me. This is good though because it means were all going about the same paste. And we all will be done at nearly the same times. We all have different questions which is good. My research has gone down because it seems that The websites have become a little more rare. But I will test my luck with books and articles. I think I am principle because I always check in with the group to see how there going once in a while. I think I need to work on being reflective. Because i Don’t look over my work once so much. Which means That sometimes I don;t find some mistakes that the readers finds. Also that I wont be able to see what Im good at and what i should practice on. I really enjoyed working with Erik. We don’t try to distract each other but its good having a really good friend in your group. He also helps me when i’m stuck. I got stuck when I realized that i put creative writing plan in When I was really supposed to put it in google docs. I was really lucky to be able to copy and paste it in google docs from I found it reeally fun to make the creative writing peice because I enjoyed writing it. Because I was able to make the storie up but put some real events into it. In all I  probably enjoyed this week the most because it got simpler and a little more fun. I was just glad I chose short story because I probably enjoyed it the most.

creative writing piece

There was once a boy names Rick. People usually called him Ricky. His parents were muslim. He was adopted in america at the time his father worked there. Rick loved music. Even though his parents were a little grouchy about it. He grew up listening to the blues and beetles and one of his favorits Jimmy Hendricks. After 12 years in america they moved back to Afganistan. Rick was not happy he got grumpy but as long as he could use music he was fine. When he got to music class his music teacher told him that your parents want to pull you out of music class. He said “WHAT!” When he got home he was steaming he was like a walking tomato. When he got home his parents explained to him how in muslim religion  it is forbidden to hold on instrument. But his parents said you should learn the types of music they use here. Rick actually got a little excited about this. His parents got him tickets to a concert that was coming up soon. And that might fit his pace. Sadly they concert was shut down. They said they government found the music immoral so decided to send a threat if the concert goes on.