Gui’s Perfect Spring Break

My spring break was a lot of fun! In spring break I went to San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Carmel, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Salsalito. I spent the whole spring break with my family, but I also saw some celebrities in a restaurant in Beverly Hills. we first went to San Francisco. We drove through the Golden Gate Bridge and under it in a boat. We also drove on the Lombard Street, a street that makes a lot of curves. There are the curves, so the cars can’t go too fast. Then we drove to Carmel a very small place with a lot of little houses, and trees. We just had lunch there in an amazing restaurant then we had to drive to Santa Barbara. We slept there it was a beautiful place by the seaside. It was amazing! In the morning we drove to Los Angeles, and it was great! In the first day we went to the pool and the beach, it was so good! We went to the Universal Studios, we went to the Simpsons’s, Harry Potter’s, and Shrek’s Town. we also saw went to a studio tour, where you see the sets of movies, how they made it, and all the studios. Then we went to the walk of fame, it was a lot of fun, we saw all the name of famous people on the floor, and we also saw Mickey Mouse’s name! The whole break was a lot of fun, I loved it!

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Harry Potter My Best Friend

image image     If I could make a fictional character as best friend I will choose Harry Potter. He is from Harry Potter, and he is the main character. I chose him, because I love this book, I love magic (that he can do), and he is awesome. I will like, because I could go to Hogsmead with him to go to the Zonko’s (joke shop). I will also make magic with him, learning the spells I like the most, the Patronous, Expeliarmus, and Protegun. I will meet all the other Harry Potter characters, Hermione,  Ron, Neville, Cho, Luna, Goerge, Fred, Ginny, Bill, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, but not Voldemort. I will like to go to Hogwarts,see all the classrooms, the secret room, and Hagrid’s hut. I want to know which house I would be sorted to (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw). I will be so happy to meet him.

A New Year a New Life

I will remember forever when we went to my friend’s birthday party in Brazil. It was my friend, Joana’s birthday, she was turning ten. I think one of the reasons I am going to remember forever is because it was just after my First Communion. Another reason is because the most part of my friends slept there with me. More reasons is because we all went to a pizzeria in a club that I love to go. I am going to remember that because 8 children slept in her living room.

My Perfect Weekend

My perfect weekend is going to be, if I could go to Brazil. If I could go to Brazil I was pro pally going to my best friend’s house in Brazil with all my friends on a sleepover. This is going to be my best friend’s birthday. Before we to this, we are going to watch a movie, but I don’t know the movie yet. Before all, that I am going to be in my First Communion with some of my friends. I will love that party. Last year my best friend did the same thing. I thing I am going to sleep in the same room with the same friends in the room. In this house they have two rooms. One with my best friend, another friend and I, and the other room is all the others friends with my best friend’s brother. This is going to be the best weekend ever, because I am going to do a lot of things, and all those things are going to be with my friends!

My Best Costume

In Brazil we have a Holiday is Carnaval, but we wear costumes too! I don’t know the best costume, but I have some I like. One day I wore a Mighty Thor costume, but this is when I was little. Another day I wore a vampire costume. It was a high collar, a red cape, a formal shirt and the vampire’s fang. When I was a vampire my mom was wearing a vampire costume too! All costumes are a lot of FUN!!!


The End

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