exhibition reflection

I think that overall our exhibition process was a complete disaster! The presentation went wrong because we forgot our lines, we had a million technical difficulties and, we had forgotten the materials for the interactive slides.( The science fair part went well actually but that wasn’t the main part.) I think if I could change one thing it would be my time management. I didn’t realise how quick the exhibition was coming and I had to quickly rush to the finish line. I think that I stuck to my topic and I know that I will keep making art because it is one of my passions, and I believe it to be a future job oppurtunity. The mentor meetings, didn’t help me because I didn’t really get to go anywhere and I didn’t learn anything new but it did help me organise meetings with the art teachers. I think that our group was ( overall) bad. We weren’t very creative in the visual piece and how we presented, and we weren’t good at advertising ourselves to the children/audience. Sincerely



I think that this week is going well. We are mostly finishing and polishing things, so there is not much left to do. I think that the slide show is going well, but I need to cut down the amount of slides that I use and try to focus on one or two for each question. I am still having time management issues with my work, and I think that I could be more caring, and pay more attention to my work and instructions. I think that so far I have become more independent and have really started to put effort into my exhibition, I have shown this when I worked on the slide show in my own time. Tomorrow we are going to have a rehearsal at Mrs Hirschmans mentor meeting, and I think that I should practice the oral part of our presentation more so that I build confidence in my speech leading to an overall better presentation. I am finished with my visual piece I just need to put it on the poster board.

How I feel about exhibition

I think I might be in love with stress
or stress is in love with me
stress always seems to find me
relocate to be with me
and send me
straight over the top

every circumstance brings stress
and when you let it in, it won’t leave
stress is in love with me

i want to get everything done
and stress is in my way
over here and over there,
sending my pressure higher
causing me more despair

stress, stress, and more stress

i think stress is in love with me
all day at work,
teasing and pleading
asking and begging
let me in, let me in

my stomach is in knots
my fingernails are low
my heart can’t take it anymore
i think i’m in love with stress

can’t eat, can’t sleep
trying to get over you,
but i can’t, i won’t
and the medicine won’t help me

stress, stress, and more stress

i think i’m in love with stress,
or stress is in love with me


I think that things have taken a turn for the better ( A very late turn but at least it turned.) I am now completely done with the informational writing piece. (I haven’t presented though.) I think that a learner profile that both Rosemary and I showed was communication when we interviewed Mr. Doyle ( upper school digital arts teacher.) because we both asked questions and when when it was silent one of us spoke and it went very smoothly. I think today I could have been a better listener and I could have tried to pay more attention. Also I think that my informational writing  stands out from what has been presented so far, because I chose to re-organize my essay in a different way that I think will make it clearer to whoever is listening/ reading.

Exhibition blog

Over this exhibition I think that things have greatly improved. I am very stressed for the presentation, and I really do hope that it goes well because we have less then two weeks so we can’t go back now. I think Rosemary and I have finally started to communicate with the meetings and schedules, and that we are on the same page. The informational piece is due tomorrow ( Or today for you.) and I think that I did really well. The start was horrible I was behind my planner was a mess and I didn’t have any research that could support my topics, but near the end my dad helped me and it really shows a big difference in my work. I think that this week I have finally become more open minded to research and new ideas and it has really helped me with my work. I think that I need to become more of a thinker, while editing I saw that I looked over many details and had really dumb grammar mistakes,  I really didn’t think about what I was writing. I’m not sure if I’m in a good or bad position at this point because, according to my work and teachers its gotten much better, but according to my mentor I’m in a terrible spot. I have also been practising at home for the song were going to sing when were presenting and I think that its been going well ( It would help if I could sing.).

Exhibition action

So far I have been having allot of trouble keeping up with the work in exhibition. Actually this is one of the hardest projects I’ve done in a while. I have been falling behind on research so I have been doing allot more homework. I took action by taking history lessons at the met (American wing.). ( Did you know that in the 19th century it was considered a sign of incredible richness to have a puppy, and most artists didn’t paint the legs or waist of women till the 1900’s.) I also took action by watching a documentary about the life of Andy Warhol . ( Unfortunately it did not help at all because it was a bunch of prestigious nonsense… but at least I tried.) I think that from my many  trips to the MET I have changed my way of thinking about the older periods of art and I hope this will help me my future work.. and of course for the exhibition. I have been having issues with being open minded about different opinions and research but I have been trying to be more loose recently and its helped me allot. I am very behind on my informational writing piece so I’m going to be putting in that extra effort to push through.I have been a risk taker by trying to push my opinion forward, but that has given negative impact on my work so I should try to move on from that and write more fact based work.


We’ve finished the majority of the essay planner, and its going allot smoother than the creative writing piece. This morning Rosemary and I interviewed the 11th graders and it went very well.  We asked them a few questions about art and they all came out with great answers. After videotaping them we got to meet Mrs. Sayers and she showed us a small presentation in the hallway created by two students about how art reflects society. We also interviewed her about art and she gave some very interesting answers I might use as future reference through the exhibition. The presentation was great and you can definitely see that the students on this where very knowledgeable. I think that it went well and that both rosemary are still reflecting on there answers. One thing that I could have improved is that I wasn’t very smart with the questions I asked. I think that I could have said more about the exhibition and my questions are so they had more details to include in their answers.Even so I still think it went great. Rosemary and I have also been working on a visual piece to represent both our individual creative writing pieces and mine couldn’t be going better. I am eager to start the actual writing piece and hope that everything goes well.

Exhibition blog

We are now done with the creative writing piece ( Hooray one thing off the check list!) We’ve now moved on to the informational writing piece, and so far its slightly confusing. We really haven’t done much it was mostly explanation, I’m excited to start working on it. Rosemary and I have been missing a few meetings and I’m starting to get confused and worried. I hope that everything goes well because so far its been very mixed. I have been thinking about presenting a sculpture called creativity. The idea is I build two statues of hands and have them on a podium then in the back, have a philosophical phrase about the human mind. The problem is that I can’t build the hands because there are more details, and that the hands have fingers that may fall off if I build it. So an idea popped into my head if I covered my hands in liquid silicone and then take them out I could have a form with all the little details and I could pour liquid cement in there and cut it out from the form once its solid… Of course there must be a problem with that because its much too perfect to believe! I have to keep my hands in liquid silicone for over eight hours so that’s going to be annoying!

I’m getting off topic about exhibition so I’ll move on. I think that the entire concept of exhibition is to prepare us for what middle-school is going to be like every day and so far all I have to say is good luck future Eva!