Oh the Beautiful First Week of Classes

  1. 1. Writing an introduction about yourself to all of your teachers and peers 

    Don’t act like your’e not impressed.


    2. when you’re taking a poll about which meeting times work best for you and you actually have to think about a schedule

    I’m free Monday’s.. but am I really though?

    3. looking at your bi weekly class schedule like

    When that one class is scheduled for your already scheduled time of doing absolutely nothing.

    4. when your teacher starts assigning due dates  

    I’m fine. I’m fine. Really, I’m fine. 


    6. when it’s only the first day but you see that one kid submitting assignments that aren’t due until next month

    How do…I don’t…when is it… please explain. 

    7. finding out the whole module is due at midnight and you haven’t even opened it yet

    8. when you’re only two days in and already missed a conference 


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