Charlotte and Loeke Say Farewell to Dwight

I have had a truly wonderful experience with Dwight Online! I have learned and grown so much over the past two years! I am indescribably grateful for this opportunity.

Next year, I am honored to be attending Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. I am really looking forward to engaging in a community of female scholars and joining a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime!

-Charlotte Grace Roach


Attending a pre-professional ballet school, I have a very demanding but unpredictable schedule.  I found that with Dwight’s online program, I had the flexibility to manage both school and dance. The teachers are very understanding and helpful. For instance, they always tried to help in scheduling if circumstances required.

Next year I will be staying in NYC to spend another year training at the Joffrey ballet school, while taking some online college classes. I’m definitely planning on going to college at some point, but this will most likely be later in life. First, following my graduation from Dwight, I want to conquer the world of dance!

-Loeke Sakkers




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