Final Reflection

        Exhibition but if I could do it again I would change somethings. One thing I would change is my topic, because I told a few people and they copied me which wasn’t really fun. Also I would change my topic to music because I became more interested after I learn’t about fashion. Overall it was really fun and I really enjoyed. I thought that the mentor meeting really helped me with my work and planning my work out. One thing I would carry on is to do your best and take your own path if someone wants to take it then go another path if you want.


        One skill I think I used was communicator because I really communicated with my group and didn’t give up. One other skill I used was thinker because I really took time to think over my work and make sure I didn’t forget anything. One thing I would do better is making my slides with less words and explaining my slides more. One skill I could work on is organization because I wasn’t so organized and I could of done better. Also I learn’t that there are many things in life but sometimes you just have to go with it.

Overall exhibition was fun and I would of changed things up but It was still great and I think that my group had some pretty creative ideas with the shirt making and the catwalk! One thing I think I did well with my posters because I really out effort and tried my best. Also I think that the red carpet I idea was good until Jordan ripped it. Overall my group did awesome and I can’t wait till the next exhibition.

Week 5 Blog 2

Today we worked on our presentation and our visual piece. For my presentation I finished it and I changed it up a bit. Also I changed my visual piece because I thought I wouldn’t finish in time. I thought that a Instagram were I express myself through clothing and what I like. I also wrote what I think about clothing. One learner profile I used was communication because I  tried to work hard with my group and I didn’t give up. Also for the visual piece I used independence because I worked alone and I finished the whole project and I tried my best not  to talk and work independently. One thing I could work on is being a bit more comparative and talking about my ideas because I was so concentrated I barley talked!

Exhibition blog 2 week 5

       Today we worked on our essays. We revised with a partner, I revised with Hannah. Hannah said I have a few punctuation mistakes. Also she said I should work on my capitalization. Also I read it over to make sure that I don’t have any mistakes. I think that I did a pretty good job but I could of made a longer introduction and conclusion. Tomorrow I think Im gonna add a little to my introduction and conclusion. I think I used the learner profile commitment because I stayed to it and didn’t give up so I finished it. One other learner profile I used was thinker because I took the time to put the words in my words and I used thinker to remember and use the information I already had. Also I can’t wait till art because we are doing our visual piece and I can wait to complete mine! 

Field Trip Kleinfeld, J crew, and Starbucks!

Today I went on a field trip with my group and mentor. In the morning we went to Kleinfeld, Kleinfeld is a wedding dress store. In Kleinfeld they have a large selection of wedding dresses. They Also have different colors like red and black. I asked the manager a couple questions about wedding dresses and how people prefer to have or wear them. Then we got a tour around Kleinfeld which was SO COOL  and awesome. My group got to try one accessories and take pictures. The next place we went to is  J crew, It was fun and interesting. Also the tourist gave us a lot of information, about the store and how they organize the store. After for lunch we went to Starbucks Hannah asked about the uniform and we had lunch there. I think I used the learner profile Open minded and risk – taker because I took the time to listen and tried not to rush them. Also I used risk-taker because I tried my best to record well and think of more questions.  Over all it was fun and I cant wait for the next field trip!