April 5

The roses and thorns of spring break.

On spring break I had a lot of fun. I went home to Moscow and in the day I just came my father bring me to the big theater to the classic music award. I liked it but like it was too long and I got bored.  Then on Friday I went to my cousin. we played, played Minecraft online and made dragons. Then on Wednesday thing that I did was that I went with my father on LEGO Exhibition. there were a lot of buildings, famous paintings made in LEGO. there were paintings like Mona Lisa and Shout. there were just sculptures and buildings like Sphinx. also that day my father bought me a new LEGO Ninjago set. After that on Sunday we went to our countries house and made barbecue. Then on Thursday I had a math test. I passed it and after that I went to the movie “Smurfs The Lost Village”. Then on Friday I went to again to my cousin and we played again.  On Saturday me and my father went to the Aquarium. It was very big. I liked very much. After Aquarium we went to the cinema on “Power Rangers”. And after that my grandfather and grandmother and my cousin and my aunt and my uncle. we had a lot of time and we spend it very good. And on next day I went back here. I didn’t had any bad feelings.

February 17

Life on Tree house.

I think the life on tree house will be not so good as people think. I think that because if you will live on a tree house for all time you need to find food. Also you will not still be alive with one bed pack. But if you live in there just at day and at night. If it will be like this that will be cool take food with you and play games in there with your friend.

January 4

My New Year’s Resolution.

My New Year’s Resolution is to make my body thin. And to work on more sports. I would like also to eat less food. I want to eat less food because I sometimes eat to much food and I think this a good goal. And I want to finish it before 2018 year. And first goal I actually wanted to make it last year. And I’m hope I will finish it. 

October 23

How I wear costume to give candies.

In Russia we don’t celebrate Halloween but sometimes some kids celebrate it. I have a costume of a little cute dragon. My mom both it for the New year. but when it is Halloween I asked my mom that can I wear it and my mom said that I can wear it. I wore my costume and started wait. I wait and wait and wait and finally some kids from our floor and asked for a candies. I gave to them candies and went to bed.

October 18

Hello world!

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