My Spring Break

On my Spring Break I stayed in New York City. I did a lot of things, and I also did some that I really liked. For example I went to Central Park Zoo with my mom, sister, brother and my brother’s best friend’s sister and mom. When you go to that zoo you could feed the animals like sheeps and goats. I tried to feed a sheep and it was okay, but when I tried to feed a goat and I was so scared because they would literally go after you when you have food in your hand. When I tried to give it food, and it licked my hand and it was really disgusting!

I also went to a museum called Intrepid. It’s a military ship that actually was used a long time ago. It was really fun and interesting to learn about U.S navy.

This may not sound fun but last summer I broke my tooth, and it started hurting lot so I went to the dentist. Because the dentist’s office was in Bronx I went there. At first I was really scared I don’t even know why! When we came there I liked it so much there! Especially the subway because the trains were riding outside not underground. It was really different!


Best Friend Blog

I would chose Hermione Granger as my best friend because she is smart and kind. She is from Harry Potter If we would actually be best friends she would teach me spells and some magic stuff. I think it would also be really different. Because I would fly from hoScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.15.07 AMme to school, and other kids would have to take subway and walk. I also think it would be really fun because no one would have what kind of friend. It is obvious that she is different than other people. Maybe I would even visit Hogwarts! Which would be really fun because all the kids dream visit Hogwarts at least once in there lives. I used to dream about that too. I also think that Hermione is different inside. She has this own thinking. Not all people would think so but I do. I think she is really different than others because she is smart but at the same time she cares about other people. I think she is a perfect best friend, because you could trust her no matter what!

My celebriti parents

Imagine if you could chose who ever parents you want. I personally wouldn’t do that, but if just for fun, I would chose Shakira and Gerard Pique.

I would choose them because I like how Pique plays football. He pays for Bercelona. He is really good at playing football.

I would choose them because Shakira is really good singer. Everyone likes her. As I know she has several albums what are actually really good.



On this Saturday I woke up at 10:00 and had my breakfast. All day I was sitting home, doing my homework, watching TV and you tube videos. After all my family and me went to my brother’s friends house.Suddenly he live very very close to Dwight. My parents,my sister and me went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, to have some chicken corn soup, pegin duck and more Chinese food! And my brother went Treak or treating with his friends.

Sunday morning my family and I woke up at 8:00 had a breakfast, and went biking in Central Park. It’s like our little family tradition. After biking we went To Metropolitan Meuseum of Art. It was really interesting! After my mom, my sister and me went shopping in 5th Avenue. And my father and my brother went to sport and toy store. We came home I finish all my homework, I packed my backpack for school and went sleep.

My favorite Halloween costume

Last year, when I was in fourth grade,my school was celebrating Halloween. My friend and me decided to be in same costumes, but when I gave her an idea about she will be angel and I’m the deamon. She said that it’s a great idea!

My costume was made of  black and bright  pink dress. With deamon horns, red big wings, and a red tale.It was my first Halloween in my whole life. So that means what it was my first and favorite Halloween costume.I really enjoyed what Halloween celebration.Everything went good. My classmates and me was running in all the school asking everyone about “Treak or Treat”,when we  did the same thing outside. It was such fun day

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