For my exhibition I think that the topic choice that I chose was a good choice because since I love fashion and when I am bored I will pick up a pad and start to draw. The entire time of exhibition I think that I stayed pretty interested in my topic and I think that I chose and good topic considering that I want to be a fashion designer. For my topic I think that I was pretty excited to present what I know about my passion. Also my group was not the easiest to work with and y to other members kept fighting a lot. Plus one of them got so upset over some really small things.

I felt that with the mentors it was really good starting from the day that we met them. After a couple of meetings they came up with a great idea and we went on a field trip to the metropolitan museum of art. where we looked and went to the fashion exhibit. Where we were not supposed to take pictures but we did anyway. Also after we had messed up our poster three times we figured to buy it then we messed up again sothen our mentors had to help us to fix it up.

During the exhibition from beginning to end  I felt good about my topic and and I new that our pister would come out good from the beginning even though we messed up a bunch of times. and I felt really strong about my topic. Now i feel great that it is over!



Today we kept working on the presentations we started to do. We also started something new, we made inventations. We wrote them to vip and our mentors. When I say V.I.P I mean someone like ms.Drew.. I enjoyed working on our presentations because we had a lot of fun and it was fun in art today when we did stuff with the paint. Today for the group somebody had to leave to do something. That person was Alyssa who made us a QR code for the blog.We made that so people can scan it and see all of our blogs over the time. Today was a lot of fun and we had fun with the paint today in art even though it made a big mess and a lot of people went down to the room so fast without even cleaning up a lot. Those were the people who only cared about there project.  I used the learner profile creativity because I was creative when we did the art and we did the paint, I need to work on being more of a thinker because I should think before I act and think to say something if i don’t  like something.


Today we talked a lot about how next week is the exhibition and I’m not really scared because I am not only excited but I do not get afraid of public speaking. I am excited because I get to show off what I did this year and share my knollage plus I will be talking about something that I really love and I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Today in exhibition we worked in our groups and we started the slide show that is required and my group used pezi . We also worked on how we should plan our present. I think it is going really well and the things that we made are really detailed and everybody is really commited in to working on this. Really all  that is left to do with the exhibition is the planning anmd my group s going to be probably the most creative one there at the exhibition.

Informational writing piece

Today in exhibition we did our informational pieces for the entire day almost. Today exhibition pretty much took over our day.  I finished my piece and are working on the cover page to it. Today I worked on peer editing and self and teacher editing. What I had to do was change up my  third paragraph because the third and the second were almost the same.  Now I am ready to print and finish my cover. Plus I finished my biblyography. I think that today I showed being  coopertive by cooperating with my group and the class by working hard in my essay. I think I need to show being more of a communicator by speaking up to the teachers when I need help.

exhibition- ACTION

Today in exhibition we did more on our informational writing. So far we did a lot of group work . no changing things. Today Ms. Hecker have me a news paper talking about people dancing to the song happy and getting arrested. So far a lot of groups have taken action like on tuesday like two or three groups are going on a field trip to the new york city google office and others are going on a field trip tomorrow. My group a while ago took a field trip to the met museum and we went to the fashion exhibit and to the roof of the museum. Also at our mentor meeting we discussed this informational pieces. We had art today where we discussed and did our vista pieces mine is a portfolio with the same but different pieces at the same time.  Today i think that I showed being a thinker by staying focused and not talking. I think I need to improve on being a communicator by speaking up when I need help.

week 4 day 1

Today we found out about our informational writing pieces. and started to plan them out on a sheet. we each have to take the info we found and our questions and turn them into a thesis statement and main idea and facts to support sort of like boxes and bullets. My first main idea is “Why the government so harsh with freedom of fashion” and my thesis is there are challenges to freedom of fashion. The advantage is that we have done a informational writing essay or piece before.  Also another thing we id today was some people shared there creative writing pieces. Manly only the people that did a song which was really good. I think for the learner profile I showed being a cooperator by cooperating with my group and others. I think I need to show being more of a thinker because I should think before I act because I will admit that I was talking a lot and sometimes getting of track but mostly a cooperator.

exhibition 2

Write now I am doing a diary entry for my creative writing piece and I am done with my research. I am on my first page of the diary. I think that this will be one of my best pieces yet. this relates to my last question because I talk about breaking the rules of fashion in certain countries. I have already done all my research for my creative writing piece and have done the plan. I am in the middle of drafting but it should not take long because its easy thing to do but A LOT of detail. My diary is about a girl who had 40 lashes and survived and now is a famous fashion designer. she wore a mini skirt in Iran and you are not allowed and then the government found out and she was wiped. Also it was at a party so her friends were in jail then got 40 lashes and the made her family listen to the noise. after it happend she and her family could leave. I think that I have shown being Open-minded by putting myself in marie claires shoes and writing her story. I think I could be a bit more of a principaled person by being more responcible