Final Exhibition Reflection

During the exhibition I had a lot of fun, it was easy, and we had a project for the little kids that they all enjoyed. Another thing I liked was  it was a creative task, so all of the kids had a completely different outcome. To be honest I’m not sure what I would change if I could do it all over. I think I might choose social media, however, I am still very satisfied with my overall presentation. One thing that I really enjoyed was the mentor meetings, they were very fun, and they helped us a lot. My group and I are incredibly grateful to our mentors, Ms Hecker and Ms Jarm for helping us so much. Some of the pros are that they took us on an awesome field trip, helped us with our research, and they even  found a way to fix our messed up poster, and make it bright, colorful and better than our original idea could have made it, even if we had done it correctly. I honestly cannot think of any cons to our mentors and mentor meetings.

I feel so relieved right now, finally done! At the beginning I was super hyper, and that feeling continued throughout most of the process. During the exhibition itself In was simply content. Now I’m mostly relieved that it is all over.

I have a lot of big takeaways from the process. I learned about clothing history around the world. I also learned that when I really try hard and buckle down I can accomplish great  things without a ton of time. This has been an incredible experience that I am so glad I got to have before I move to california, especially since I have been waiting for this since kindergarten.

Week 6 post 1

Today we had our last art class. I’m so sad! Anyway, Barrie, Tilly, and I were already finished with our individual pieces which we were going to create, or finish creating in art. So we had two Periods to do pretty much anything, so we decided it would be a fun and cool idea to splat paint our poster board for the exhibition presentation. Unfortunately we didn’t have time and the teacher couldn’t bring us to a separate room because she had to watch the rest of the class.  So we had to comparability when we found these cool patterned rollers which we liked so we went and put them all over our poster board. So I just randomly played around with paint. It looked kind of cool but it turned out really messy so and we just trashed it . Therefore, we decided it would be a good idea to simply buy a pre-colored board. After school I bought a blue one. The rest of the day we spent finalizing a lot of stuff. We pretty much finished the slideshow presentation but it needed a couple retouches, here and there. Barrie and I thought it would be a nice idea to have something we could hand out so I decided to make bookmarks with different fashion trends to go along with Tilly’s topics. So I was busy with the bookmarks and Tilly was on the presentation so Barrie wrote the special invitation that we have to write to some of the VIPs of the school. I was caring today because I stayed a little longer after art to help clean up because some people made a mess. I was also creative because I made a lot of really cool colors for decorating my group’s poster .

Week 5 post 1

Today was my first day of school after Memorial Day break and I had a lot of fun. I finished my essay and now I’m doing all the group work for the exhibition presentation. My group has planned the poster board, as well as some interactive parts for our display, we think we have come up with something for the poster that will set us apart. We also had another unique idea, we are supposed to do a slide show presentation for the evening when our parents come. Instead of using PowerPoint, google presentations, or keynote, we decided to use a website that Tilly found, Prezi. Prezi is a website where you can make a slideshow in a very creative way. Today I have most definitely been a communicator. I believe this because I had to collaborate with my friends in the fashion group I am in. I was also a thinker because I put some of my exhibition research knowledge of fashion into a poll for the parents to take. In spanish I was I was once again a thinker because I am creating a website with Diana all about our topic and that requires a lot of thinking and hard work.

Week 4 Post 3

During the exhibition I haven’t even realized it, but I have been taking a lot of action. Some examples are when I created my website about traditional fashion ( because people can find it and learn. Another example would be me simply choosing  to do fashion as my project for the exhibition, I am learning all about it and meanwhile I’m raising awareness. I’m also raising awareness with the help of Tilly and Barrie as we design our poster board for the exhibition presentation. My perspective has definitely changed over the course of the exhibition because I feel that the more you learn about something, the more you understand, the more action you can take based on it. I also feel that it is our responsibility to raise awareness, even if it is not a problem, people still deserve to know. Today I feel that I was knowledgeable because as I was not scanning, but actually reading word-for-word all of my research I came to acquire a lot of new information. I feel I was also well-balenced because today I managed to have fun, but also do quite a lot of work.

Week 4 post 2

This is my tagxedo explaining my day.  Today I finished the planner for my Exhibition essay. I had to write the intro, thesis statement, information to put in my first, second, and third paragraph, conclusion, and then I had to re-state my thesis.  Today my group and I started to think about the poster board that we were going  to make for our exhibition presentation. Today I feel I have been reflective because I was reflecting on some more of my research. I was also a communicator because I was communicating with my group about different ideas for our exhibition board.


Exhibition Week 2 Day 2

Today we started off the day with creating a criteria for our creative writing piece. After that we continued the piece. I resumed putting in photos, but after I got a few more and learned how to make the slide show on the homepage I learned how to make new pages and do all the formatting. I don’t having that much time for the rest of my site and I have a lot of work to be done. However, I am starting to be confident in my ability to create an awesome website in the time given. After we finished lunch Tilly, Barrie and I did something different. We went on our first exhibition field trip! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it is also the exhibition field trip out of everyone! We walked in the park looking at, and taking pictures of people’s unique fashion styles. We also noticed something, their is a new trend that we weren’t even aware of, apparently black and white horizontal lines. We walked across the park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was so fun, there was this dark room with mirrored walls with cool quotes on them and in the middle there were the traditional dresses, almost like balls gowns from a long time ago. I learned a lot and got awesome photos for my website.

Exhibition week 2, post 1

I finished finding my four articles for my three questions. Now I am working on the project that was introduced on friday. On friday the teachers told us about a one week project, our creative writing piece. For our creative writing piece it has to be slightly a fib but partially true. The reason it is a creative writing piece is because we do it in very different forms then our other work. We could do it as a poem or story, a  song or script, even a story board. I chose to do mine as a fake website. I feel confident in my website. The only thing is I’m having a bit of trouble with the formatting. I am very excited for tomorrow, my group and I are going on our first field trip! We are going to walk through the park, taking pictures of the fashion trends around us. We are also going to the met, I don’t know which specific exhibit, but I’m sure it will help me immensely. Today we were also given a sheet of paper that we can use to keep track of our resources. This week we have to make one of our posts creative,  meaning not written, I think I am going to do a voice recording. I think today I have been reflective because I have been reflecting on all my past research.