Exhibition Final Post

A leaner profile that have used is communicator when I was talking to the  people who were listening to me. Another way I was a communicator was when I worked on my presentation with my group to make it nicer and more informational.Another learner profile I used was caring because I was helping the people who came to accomplish the assignment. A profile I would like to work on is well balanced because I felt like it was too one sided to technology.

A attitude I am proud of is confidence when I was  talking in my speech and was calm and clear. Another attitude I used was commitment when I was working my exhibition. An attitude I would like to work on is enthusiasm because I felt like I didn’t be that energetic.

In my mentor meetings I have made some changes to any questions or pieces. I also have been have fun with the meetings and my mentor is very kind and helpful. The best part about it is that we got to go to the google office. The exhibition with all of her guidance has been extremely easy.


Exhibition Week 5 Day 1

Today I worked my visual piece what I did was make my piece larger and more organized. Some pros are that I had fun while working on my visual piece, helping Akash with his poster, and helping Hugo carry his project down. Some Cons were that some of my first pictures came out crooked , the glue was stuck to hands, and the project took a while to accomplish. The learner Profile I used was communicator when Barrie, Tilly and Alyssa needed a poster board and I told and showed them were it was. I need to work on being open minded to add more to my visual piece.

Exhibition Field trip to Google

Today I went to Google’s Headquarters in New York.  I was very excited to see what Google had.  At Google, we worked on building Legos near the snack bar.  We also went to the game room (a cooling down place for employees).  Also, we saw the evolution of computers, a display of computer equipment from 1990 to 2014.

The people who led our tour were employees at Google.   They explained the creation of Google, what it takes to be a Google employee, what the pros and cons of working at Google and actually how Google itself works.  My personal favorite part about Google was getting to explore the places that employees worked and had fun.

Google has over 70 locations in over 40 countries.  So how does my Google fieldtrip help me with my exhibition project?  Google showed how it has accessed different countries around the world.  It has showed me how people can use Google to express themselves.  For example, researching a picture to draw how you feel can now be done with a google search.  This is just one example of how beneficial google can be to the world.  Another way Google can help me express myself is by giving me ideas on what to do from youtube.  It allows me to search many items to help inspire me to come up with my own unique thoughts and ideas.  It can even help me figure out how to express myself in a different way.

Personally Google is the best way to search anything and is the funnest way to find information and  paly games on it.

Exhibition Week 4 Day 3

Today I took action in the exhibition process by working on my informational writing while at home on my computer so that I could get the essay done faster. My thinking has changed through my essay organizer by thinking “how could I make my work better?”. I spread my awareness throughout my group by helping them stay with their work. So far I have not gone on any field trips but I have taken responsibility for myself, working on my essay, and completing my essay organizer. The learner profile that I have used is Responsibility. I have used responsibility when helping myself to do the work and helping my friends get their work completed after I was done. A learner profile I would like to work on is Communicator because I feel like I haven’t helped everyone do their work.

Exhibition Week 4 Day 1

Today I have been working on my informational writing, learner profile and sharing my creative writing piece. The ways I have been working on my informational writing piece are using the research from the 3 questions. The learner profile that I am proud of is reflective when I was deciding on what to write in my organizer. I need to work on doing the work faster and more efficiently. Finally, we shared our creative writing pieces. I made a song about technology. I was 3rd to present.  It was great to hear other people’s songs.  It was amazing because the songs were interesting and informational and fun to listen to.  The best thing is that it was a fun experience.

/-\Exhibition Week 3, Post 2 /-\

Today was a very productive day for me I worked extremely hard. What I worked on is researching for my creative writing piece. I have worked to the point of being half done with my creative song. I have researched on technology to help me with my lyrics. Some of the learner profiles I used are caring, reflective, and thinker. I used Caring when I was help Jonah with his picture story of people who are from London that can’t be in their religion because the are not allowed to and have to go away to america. I was reflective when I was creating my son so that the lyrics would match. I was a thinker when I was thinking about what the song would explain to make a point. I would like to work on keeping my work organized on a sheet, keynote, blog, and lyrics. I am proud that I work so hard on my lyrics and my song. A challenge that I have faced is time management.

(-:Exhibition Week 2 Day 1:-)

In the process of exhibition I am at the point where I am working on finding research for my exhibition topic, it is technology. I am feeling great about my progress on the exhibition the reason why is because I have 3 resources so far in each section. My mentor meeting we talked about how we have shared websites to our partners. We were introduced to the creative writing piece that could be a song, story, skit, biography, and more and it is due 5/16/2014. I think the creative writing piece is a great way to express how we feel through those ways. My questions which are What is our responsibility with technology? Is tech important? Good or bad? Today the resources that we have taking are useful to all of the exhibition groups. There are many ways to post a blog it could be a  video, an image, and a overtake. The learner profile I used is well balanced because I have been consistent with my work. I want to work on time management.


Through out this week I have worked on taking notes and finding articles for 3 questions on technology.During my mentor meeting we discussed putting questions in a doc and how we are going to site/sort our sources, next steps for primary resources. My research has been successful and I have found five articles for each question.The Learner Profiles I have used are principled, communicator, and inquirer. One learner Profile  I used was principled because I stayed working and persistent  and was not distracted by my partners.I have used   communicator while we where at the mentor meeting. Finally inquirer when I was thinking of my questions. I would like to work on reflective because I have not been reflecting on my work that much Something I need to work on is Time Management. Ms.Scheck is helpful, polite, and a thinker. She has been Setting goals for us and has been helping us help each other. I have used   communicator while we where at the mentor meeting. Finally inquirer when I was thinking of my questions.