Exhibition reflection

Exhibition has now finished and we’re ready to move on to 6th grade but I feel like there is a lot to reflect on. I feel like if i had the chance to go back and do it again I would do the same topic because I feel like I learned a lot from the exhibition. Although I would change my questions because I feel  like they could have lead me a different way which i would like to explore. The question I would probably change would be rituals for religion because I feel like I could have a more powerful question that would help me progress through the exhibition easier and better. Even though I still feel like I chose the right topic religion.

I think the exhibition has changed the way I feel about the world because I have learned so much from it and I am continuing to learn. From the beginning I was just starting to learn about my topic but now my thoughts have changed. It has changed my thoughts because now I know that I am not the only one in the world I know that other people have felt pain for religion because they believe in it. This also taught me that this world has a lot you can learn from whether its your history or what is happening right now. Now that I know that religion can be good or bad it has changed my life.

I think I will keep learning about religion because there is still so much to inquire about. Now that I am getting into the 6th grade I feel like I can go deeper into this topic and learn more. I want to do this because religion is a huge topic and have just gone through the outline. I think I am going to start studying different countries and see their perspective on religion. Overall I cant believe how far I have gone in the exhibition and how much I have learned from all the topics that were presented and I can’t believe 6th grade is so close and how much work I have done to get to this point.

Exhibition week 6 day 1

We are so close to being done with exhibition but there’s still a lot to be done. Today I completed two important things. At the beginning of the day I we finished our presentation slides for the classroom part of the exhibition. What we did was my group each had to do 2 slides each. One was the visual art piece and the other was we each had to choose one of our three questions and explains a bit about it and the key concept it related to. The last class to draw there own god was the fourth grade. I finished gluing down all of the pictures and made a little background. A learner profile I used today was open-minded because I listened to not only some students suggestions but also the teachers suggestion. A learner profile I want to work on is reflective because I feel like I should reflect on my work and on how I have changed throughout the exhibition. Exhibition is two days away and I can’t wait

Exhibition week 5 day 2

Today we shared our informational writing pieces. I also worked on editing the P.E video and started working on the layout for my actual presentation. Everybody started sharing their informational writing pieces today and I thought it was very interesting and well informational. Today Bella, Miguel, Jonah, Rosemary, and Chase  shared their pieces and I can’t wait to share mine. I also started and finished editing my P.E video which was kind of easy because it was literally putting all of the small 16 second videos into an amazing but still short minuet long video. The last thing I did today was brainstorm Ideas for the actual presentation. So what my group thought was to kind of make an enclosed space in the quad which would have electric candles to make it kind of like a religious space.  Which I think is a pretty cool idea. A learner profile that I used today was probably creativity, because I think that the religious space is a pretty creative idea. One learner profile I want to work on is Commitment because now that it is coming to the end I feel like I have to work a little harder. Today I feel like I did a lot of work and Im proud of myself.

Exhibition week 5 day 1

Today I finalized my draft and I got it checked by a peer and teacher. The both said it was great. I also completed my bibliography where I put all the links that related to  my questions. Today I think I had an easy time putting in all of the suggestions either the teacher and my peer gave to me. It was hard for me to find what cites go into what questions in the bibliography. I think a learner profile I used today was open-minded because I took the suggestions my peer gave me ideas and I incorporated that in my writing piece. I also think that I was a thinker because I thought in my head that for my cover I should have something simple. One learner profile I want to work on is creativity because I feel like I could have incorporated something like a small quote.  I am so excited for exhibition and starting from today it’s only 6 days away.

wek 4 day 3

Today I reached my goal. I finished my third and conclusion paragraph. Also I got help from Mrs Drevis to write my thesis. Not only did I finish that goal but I also came up with my five questions that I will use for tomorrows interview,  had time to watch about 20 minuets of a document, and basically finish my art project.

So at the beginning of today I finished my informational writing piece. What I did was complete the third paragraph and the conclusion. Also Mrs Drevis helped me come up with a thesis because I thought my other one didn’t fit my topic. I though this was helpful because it made my third main body and conclusion easier to write. After I wrote my paragraphs I had a few minuets to write my five questions for the interview in the park tomorrow. Also I watched a bit of a documentary after lunch which was quite interesting and quite impactful. After that it was art time. I was thinking and thinking of what I should do for my art project. Then it came to me. All the kids in the Timothy House will make a picture of their own god. So far in art I have made a number close to 168 (the amount of all the kids in the Timothy house) of small pieces of paper that every kid will make there own god on. Mrs. Thompson will help me by at the beginning of each of her classes she ail get people to make there own god which I will make into a collage.

A learner profile I used today was probably Appreciation because I feel like I today I reflected on the world and how the world is changing. A learner profile I want to work on is creativity because, I know how this piece is informational but I also think it should be more fun.

Today I am also going to reflect back on how I have taken action so far in the exhibition. I feel like researching these topics can inform people and maybe change the way they think about the world, because with out expression life would be boring. I hope that this will teach them to be glad about there life and to be thankful for who they are.

I cant believe that exhibition is 8 school days away. I feel like we are so close yet so far. We have a lot of work to be done but I think I and all of fifth grade can do it.

Exhibition week4 day1

Today we started our informational writing piece. I am happy we are doing this writing piece because it makes me think about the big reward at the end after we finish the exhibition. What we did today was start the creative writing organizer. This gave us the option to literally finish the organizer and know everything you are going to write for the draft. So far i am doing a pretty good job. The only thing that was challenging was the intro because I had to come up with the thesis and stick it into the intro. Now that I have finished the introduction I am moving on to the main paragraphs. This is the easy part. All I have to do is put in the information that i have with the four articles from m question. Another thing I did today was share my creative writing piece with the class. I thought it was kind of fun and embarrassing. A learner profile I used today was Risk-taker because in my opinion being the first one to share my creative writing piece makes me a risk-taker. Overall I think that today was pretty good and I cant wait for tomorrow.

Exhibition week 3 post 2

Today we officially started working on our creative writing piece. I am writing a song about all the information that I have learned so far in the exhibition. So far in the process i have made the song, wrote the lyrics, and figure out the beat. Now I just have to record the lyrics. Planning the song was probably the hardest thing for me because I needed to take a little bit of time to sort out all of the information and what information goes where. The actual planning took about 30 minuets. After the plan I drafted. I started off with the beat. That was probably the hardest thing because I went through a million beats then finally i found the perfect one (Modern Rock Guitar 7). I also had to come up with the lyrics which was kind of fun. I am still in the process of recording the lyrics. Although so far I have probably spent about 1 hour and 30 minuets on the draft. Probably today I think that overall I was really proud because all of the hard work I did. Although I still want to work on not goofing off and concentrating on my work. Today I think the biggest Learner Profile I used was Commitment because I knew I had a lot of work to be done and usually I would just give up but this time I powered through it. One learner profile I want to work on is Creativity because sometimes I only stick to one choice but now i am thinking that I should expand and look at more creative options. Overall I had a lot of fun today doing the my song and I can’t wait to continue on because not only is is this the biggest unit in elementary school but i am having fun!

exhibition: Week 2 Day 1

In the past few weeks a lot has gone on in exhibition. I think that so far I have been very productive. Right now I am working on citing my recourses in a written form. What I am doing is taking my websites from pocket and writing them down on a piece of paper with a little more information about the article. Overall I am feeling great about the exhibition so far. Also not only am I getting amazing information I am having fun! For example right now I am working on my creative writing piece. I am doing a song because I love writing music and I am also having a ton amount of fun doing it. Also my group is tying to set up a meeting about Mr. Panahi so we could share the information we have collected. The last thing we talked about today was other ways to do the blog because sometimes it is boring just to write a written paragraph. So we brainstormed. Overall through that short period of time we had to brainstorm we found so many ways we can present our blog. Today I think that the learner profile that I showed the most was enthusiasm because I was so enthusiastic that I couldn’t stop working. One learner profile I want to work on is co-operation because sometimes I just worry about myself and not the group.