My Spring Break

Thursday 24th we got dressed and got all of our stuff and went to the airport to go to Brazil. When we got there we went to see my grandma and eat breakfast. When we were done eating we went to change because it was really hot. Then we putted shorts and T-shirts and we went to a club to play. Then On Saturday my friend went to play with me and we hugged and she gave me a presents. I gave her a beautiful T-shirt  and gave me a backpack from Longchamp. Then Sunday I went to see Duda in  the shopping mall that was Iguatemi. We went to eat some really good burgers and we talked about her school and dwight. Then we went to see some stores and then we got a famous Brazil ice cream that is called Bacio di Latte. Then we said bye to each other.  It was Monday and I spent the day with my mom and we did go to our old house and see how was it but we went to eat in a really nice place that was called St.Louis. It  is a meat place and  it was amazing. When it was 3:00pm we went to my old school to my friend and had a sleepover together. When we got there she needed to do her homework so I helped her with it. When she was done we went to see a movie with cake to have fun together. It was 7:00 at night we went to eat sushi together because we had school tomorrow and I was going to visit the school and see my friends  all of them. When we woke up we got dressed and we had to eat breakfast and go to school. When I got there I was shaking because I thought that it wasn’t real because when I got in the class everyone got around me asking a lot of questions.  When school ended I went with a friend to play and we called another friend that wanted so much so she went with us. Then the rest of the week I stayed with my family but in the last day my friend made a surprised and I was really feeling  surprised  and then everyone started to cry, even me. It was awesome my spring break. 


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My Non-fiction friend




I would choose Rey from Star Wars because she is an character that is strong and will never let you down. Also because she will help you learn her power to fix stuff or use it for good things. Also Rey can teach me her  power that is the force. Now if she teaches me the force it will be awsome to try in someone in a nice way or using the force to fight. Rey will not be just my friend because of the force and a Jedi. For example bringing me a lightsaber to practice with her and become a Jedi with her it will be a awesome gift. Also will be nice to learn who fight with a lightsaber and a gun. Due to  it will be really awesome go to adventure with her. Therefore it will be awesome having a powerful friend that lives in a galaxy far, far  away. Finally I chose Rey because she started in a poor plant that is called Jakku and she learns how to use the force by not being teached by anyone. Also during that time she learned how fight but she practiced in Jakku. Then she finished by getting in the hands of the Resistance. That’s why I pick her as my best friend.  

Famous People

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I won’t to add to people in my family. Those persons are famous by doing really great movies. The first one is Harrison Ford because he is a really nice guy and have a great talent that he shows the world that who he is. The  other really great person is Mark Hamill because he is such a sweet man and he is smart also he is the must polite o the interviews. Finally he does really great movies and everyone loves them.

Memories Forever

Last year something that I will remember forever is my friends of Brazil. I will keep that memories forever because when I was leaving  to New York my friends should their love and kept saying ” don’t go stay here “. When that happened I was really feeling terrible to leave them and go to New York. Then I was thinking I will be ok because we have this technology to FaceTime them. When I  thought about that I was feeling so much better. Then some week passed I was feeling fine and thinking that friends always will stay with you no matter what happened. True friends will always stay with you forever in your heart. When you come back you will see them forever.

Sleepover weekend

Saturday, I woke up and I was excited for my friend to come to do a sleepover on Halloween. So I went running to eat breakfast and brush my teeth. After I ate breakfast I was waiting watching TV and playing with my dog. When it was time to eat lunch I was excited because my friend was getting home to do trick or treating on 95 street. So when I finished my delicious lunch I waiting for my friend. When my friend got home it was already 5:30 so me and my friend went to get change for Halloween, so we went quickly to the bathroom to get change on our Halloween costume. When we were ready we got our bag for trick or treat and went off. When we got to the first house I was excited because is the first time I went trick or treating on the street and on New York.

Best Halloween Costume.

My favorite Halloween costume is a pirate and I used it in my old school last year.It looks like a dress but is a red shirt a little ripped on the edge. The top part is a long slive t-shirt that have white and black straps on the front. And has a string on the back of costume just to be more pirate. On your head you use a  head-band like a piarte. This is my  favorite costume because you can be a cool pirate and is a very good costume for girls. And you can use a cool punk glufs, so is my favorite Halloween costume.

My advice for a new EAL student.

My advice is to a new EAL student is,  to keep practicing  their english at home and to keep doing homework to keep practicing. TO never be shy in lessons because its better keep talking because will practice your english. You can read a book and then saw what you wrote about the book, or you can think of a book that you read and saw some parts of the book to the class. When they finish their homework I always check again my homework to see if it have a spelling mistake, and it always helpful for a new student. Another advice that you can always find a website of english to help you  on you EAL lesson and you can do on your weekend to practice.

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