Winter break blog post

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In the morning when we woke up we took our breakfast and shower, then, my cousin and I decided to bake. We baked some Christmas cookies that we decorated with some honey and candies. When the Christmas cookies were ready wewanted to bake ‘candy chips’, the candies are French and they are called ‘ Carambar’. My cousin and I laugh a lot for so many reasons.

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After cooking I have done her nails and mines. Mine were a little messy, it was hard to draw a number on each of my small nails. But it still funny to have these nails when we did the party to celebrate new year.

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Before lunch we decided to wear three different outfit for the New Year Eve and show it to the other cousins so we could vote for the best outfit. I lend one of my shirt to one of my cousin because we all thought it fit well with her skirt. The youngest cousin who was with us wanted to wear so many clothes and accessories at the same time, it was really funny. We had a great moment when we choose our clothes.

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Later my cousin’s dad asked us if we could go buy the food for the night. And we went. Doing food shopping is annoying but with my cousin it is not !

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After, her dad brought us to the fun fair, we all pick one activity to do, two of my cousins and I pick the bumper cars. I was with one of them in a car and my other cousin was alone in the other one. I was suppose to drive but I also wanted to take pictures, so my cousin drove a little while I was taking videos and pictures. We laugh a lot !

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When we came back from the fun fair, we ask her mom if she could lend us some makeup because I didn’t bring mine in France and my cousin doesn’t have any. So during the evening I was putting makeup on her and she was doing the same on me. Almost at the same time we went in our rooms and change for the New Year Eve. We changed our clothes, put makeup and we also change our hair color to pink.

When some friends arrived we ate and we were all throwing candies, streamers… on each other. After diner we went in the living room and my cousin started to put music, everyone was dancing and laughing, we made dancing competition, it was really funny.


After a long time dancing we were all a little tired, one of my cousin went in her room with two of her friends, and my cousin and I went in our room and we did many Dubsmash. We laugh a lot !


I can conclude that this day was a great one! But not only this day but this whole holiday!

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