January 1, 2015


Dec 31 2014/Jan 1 2015

11:32 am: I just woke up. I need to tidy up my room and beguin to get things                     ready for New Year.

12:15 pm: I finish tiding up my stuff and now I’m going to play video game with my brother.

12:15 – 1 pm: Now we sat down to eat lunch.

1 – 2pm: We ate lunch and stated to get our selves ready  when our guests come.

2 -4pm: We played more games but free we got tired I decided to bake a cake and so I went to the kitchen and begun to bake the cake.

5 – 7pm: Our guests came over and the kids went to play and the adults stayed in the living room talking.

7 – 10pm: We sat down to eat at seven and kept talking until 10.

10 -11:50pm: We all wai for New Year.

11:55pm: Every one begun to make their way to the balcony.

12pm: We celebrated the New Year and watched the fire works.

12pm – 1am: Our guests stayed at our house until one and then they left.




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